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Pain in top of head

Headaches became so frequent and common that most people prefer simply not to notice. Most often when headaches take painkillers, and only in the most extreme cases, go to the doctor. But the pain in the top of the head can be the consequence of a number of dangerous diseases that can lead to death. So if you feel not passing headache — go to the doctor.

Causes of pain in the top of the head

  1. Methods of examination

    If the pain you don't mind doing: appears rarely, is quick, nothing to worry about. However, if you notice regular flare-UPS of pain or, on the contrary, perceive the day without a headache as a holiday, therefore, an urgent need to go to a specialist.

    No one can accurately determine the cause of headaches, so you will be directed to a number of tests and surveys that will help the doctor to identify the source of the disease.

    Thanks to modern technology, the survey will not take much time. The most accurate picture about the disease will help to make
    How to treat a headache?

    1. Pills. There are a number of analgesics, which help to get rid of pain. However, in fact, the drugs causes headaches they are not, and, moreover, help only for a certain period of time. In some cases, analgesics are addictive, as headache each time increases (in this scenario, it is urgent to consult a doctor).
    2. If the headache is bearable and does not require urgent drugs, the best medicine is a walk in the fresh air. As well helps a hot shower and a cold compress on the aching area of the head. In no case do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages: it will exacerbate the disease.
    3. Acupuncture. Acupressure helps headaches. However, it can only be a specialist, which will not cause damage to these alternative treatment.
    4. Massage. Usual relaxing head massage relieves headache in its initial stages and eases the migraine. It can be done independently.
    5. Music. Some people from the headache is very good music, especially classical or ethnic. Often mention that the sounds of nature is also able to relieve a headache. However, migraine listening to music extremely it is not recommended for acute pain that literally threaten to drive you crazy, you want peace and quiet.

    1. The most proven way of dealing with a headache is a simple cabbage leaf. It applied to the aching area of the head and keep it for abouthalf an hour.
    2. Hot tub or basin with hot water where you want to put your legs down, well help deal with acute headaches, especially if you wrap the head with cold towel.
    3. Herbal teas and insist on calming herbs, perfectly help to cope with a nagging headache. Valerian, mint, and marjoram relieve migraine attacks.
    4. Aromatherapy also helps with any headaches. For example, to deal with a migraine can be the aroma of sage, lavender, peppermint or marjoram. These herbs relieves pain.
    5. Relaxation: yoga, Spa treatments, massage – all this, too, is a great method of dealing with a headache.
    6. One of the most effective ways is considered to be wearing amber necklace or bracelet.
    7. The mask of fresh cucumber will help not only your skin but also the mind, freeing her from the pain.
    8. To the patient head can be applied the peel of the orange or lemon – they, too, are healing. By the way, the oranges are easy to eat – it helps to reduce pain in migraine.
    9. A cold compress on the injured area of the head will help to significantly reduce pain.

    Prevention of headaches

    It is easier to prevent disease than to cure it. It concerns and headaches.

    1. The main way to prevent pain – it is an active way of life. Be sure to take a walk in the fresh air, don't forget about exercise and headaches don't bother you.
    2. Drink more water, but not more than 2.5 liters a day. Too much is too bad.
    3. Take vitamin B2, it helps with migraines and prevents its appearance. In a large number of this useful substance is found in eggs, nuts, broccoli and spinach.
    4. Drink less coffee: it increases the pressure, is addictive and leads to dull headaches.
    5. Get more sleep: healthy sleep requires at least 7 hours a day. At night open the Windows: fresh air will help you to better sleep and easy to Wake up in the morning.
    6. Pay special attention to their diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid fried, fatty and spicy.
    7. Discard bad habits and try to avoid stressful situations.

    As you can see, to cope with a headache on their own is quite simple. However, if she has a regular character and it keeps coming back, it is a cause for concern. In this case we need to contact a specialist that will help you to find out the cause of pain and to determine the optimal treatment.