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Pain in head and eyes

Headache quite often spreads on the eye, causing additional discomfort. Similar symptoms may occur in result of different diseases, and can occur due to normal fatigue. As a rule, in this case the pain goes away after rest. However, if after sleep the pain never goes, you need to consult a doctor. Pain in the head and eyes may indicate a serious and dangerous disease.

That's why doctors regularly tell us that the headache should not be tolerated in any case. Only two causes of headaches are relatively safe and do not pose a serious threat to the life of the patient: fatigue and migraine. Other causes can chain the person to a wheelchair for the rest of her life to poison existence, or lead to death.

If occasionally you feel increasing with time headache, it is not necessary to postpone visit to the doctor.

The cause of the pain — fatigue

This is the most common cause of headaches of this nature. Another characteristic of pain is also called pain voltage, and typically aching head and eyes. She appears after a long work without the required breaks, often due to the long pastime at the computer. The person experiences the feeling of compression, as if the head put on a close hat.

It is characteristic for workaholics condition caused by extensive vascular spasm of neck, shoulders and face. The result of this spasm is always a disturbance in the blood supply to the muscle tissue, which in the blood are histamines usually generated in any tissue inflammation.

Pain includes the head and eyes. The main disadvantage of such pain that the tension in the eyes is felt even after a few hours of healthy sleep and eliminate the primary causes of discomfort. Therefore, those who spend a lot of time working at the computer and regularly experiencing stress at work, regularly feel pain in the head and eyes.

The cause of the pain — migraine

Another very common cause of where there is pain in the head and eyes

The cause of the pain — intracranial pressure

A more dangerous cause of pain in the head and eyes, which can result in a fatal outcome. Acute attacks often occur during a cold, by coughing. Below

The cause of the pain — intracranial hematoma

Any head injury can cause not only a concussion, but the complication is intracranial hematoma. So when I get headaches because of the injury you need to go to the doctor where you should make a tomogram of the brain, it will help to detect hematoma at a very early stage. Ifthe diagnosis is confirmed, will require rapid surgical intervention.

In the case of a concussion, the doctor determines the severity of the injury and prescribes medicine to strengthen the blood vessels and makes recommendations to the regime. This includes the mandatory waiver of any physical activity and complete relaxation.

The cause of the pain — stroke

Pain in the head and the eyes of the Mature and elderly indicates a high risk of stroke. In order to exclude the possibility of an attack, you need to regularly monitor their pressure using a special device — a tonometer. If

The cause of the pain — aneurysm of vessels

If the headache is localized to one side of the head and thus given to the eye, and its character – throbbing and is worse when any, even the slow movement of the head, it could be a vascular aneurysm. This is a very dangerous disease that requires immediate surgical intervention. Otherwise, the disease can lead to death.

Aneurysm most often occurs without pronounced symptoms until it develops into a serious condition or not broken. Symptoms of aneurysm may be numbness of face, weakness in the body, dilated pupils and pain in the head and eyes.

If the aneurysm ruptures, a person feels a sharp and very intense headache, he began vomiting, and possible fainting.

At occurrence of the slightest suspicion of

The cause of the pain — meningitis or encephalitis

Intolerable, constantly increasing pain in the head and eyes may indicate infection. People lose concentration and the ability to lead a normal life: the pain intensifies, and pain drugs relieve an attack for a very short period of time. After the pain begins to spread to the ears and neck. Such symptoms are quite often accompanied by meningitis or encephalitis, so you need as quickly as possible to seek qualified help.

Purulent meningitis is very dangerous disease, spreading throughout the brain, which can very quickly turn a person into an invalid, and even lead to death within hours.

The cause of the pain brain tumor

In malignant or

How to get rid of a headache?

Depending on the disease that caused headaches, ways to get rid of unpleasant symptoms can be different. So, when a migraine some people need a hot shower or, alternatively, a wet cold towel on his forehead. The smell of citrus, particularly oranges, also reduces the pain of migraine.

In most cases, doctors advise to take special medications designed to relieve pain. So before you self-medicate, visitspecialist and consult: suddenly you're not?

What pills help?

Unfortunately, most modern drugs created to deal with the pain, rather quickly lose their effectiveness: there is a so-called pharmacological addiction. Therefore, most people suffering from headaches, especially resulting from migraines, try to avoid taking pills.

However, a great effect has ibuprofen, is able to instantly stop an attack of acute pain. However, this drug is not addictive, affordable, and will not harm side effects with proper technique. Regular paracetamol and


  1. Drink more water.
  2. Lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid alcohol and Smoking, follow a diet.
  3. Avoid stressful situations.
  4. If your job requires long pastime at the computer, do several times a day in five-minute breaks, during which perform simple exercises charging for the eyes.

By following these simple rules, you will avoid the causes of most headaches.