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Frequent headaches

Frequent headaches are a serious problem not only from a medical point of view but also from a social one. After all, the man, who is often a headache, not capable of 100% efficiency, which significantly affects the outcome of its activities. Because finding out the root cause of such pain and its elimination is a priority issue.

All kinds of headache that can often bother humans, can be divided into two groups:

  1. Primary, when the cause cannot be found, and can be calculated only predisposing factors.
  2. Secondary, when there is a major somatic illness, which is manifested headache.

Treatment and prevention of primary headaches is a difficult question, since no known cause that triggers their. Sometimes these people are forced to take painkillers to numb the daily pain. Therapy of secondary headache is more noble a task as eliminating the underlying disease, the pain can be forgotten once and for all.

The primary causes of frequent headache

From the medical point of view, a healthy adult can have up to 2 episodes of mild headache throughout the week, with no warning signs.

If you have a headache more than 2 times a week, the pain is intense and interferes with basic activities or is accompanied by dangerous symptoms, then it is cause for immediate doctor's visit.

Warning signs for headaches:

  • the headache that appeared for the first time;
  • the pain is very intense, of an explosive nature;
  • pain preceded by any injury of the head;
  • when pain of the head the person abruptly wakes up in the night;
  • cephalalgia occurs on the background of focal neurological symptoms (impaired speech, vision, paresthesia, paralysis, paresis of the extremities);
  • with each new attack, the pain increases, especially in children and people of older age group;
  • headache accompanied by dizziness, vomiting and nausea that does not bring relief;
  • if the cephalalgia does not pass under the action of standard pain medications;
  • if there is a fever, a rash on the body, disturbance of consciousness;
  • if marked by a sudden increase

    Secondary causes of frequent headache

    Very often the cause of headaches is one or the other pathological condition which can be eliminated or cured. Thus, it is possible to get rid of frequent painful headaches.

    Why is it important to establish the cause of pain? The fact is that cause headache can, as diseases that do not threaten human life, and those that are a direct threat. And the time we spend on finding a suitable analgesic can bethe only salvation of man.

    Consider the most frequent causes of secondary frequent headaches.

    Ubusuna headache

    This drug rebound headache, which occurs in the frequent use of such medicines as analgesics, NSAIDs, combination analgesics, triptan, agonists of serotonin. In the study of history in patients with abosutely headache found that more than 70% of people initially suffer from tension headaches or migraines, which they abused drugs.

    A brain tumor

    Headache in brain tumor is one of the most common symptoms. Its characteristic feature is rapidly progressive in nature. Each new attack worse than the last. The pain appears in the morning and in a horizontal position, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, focal neurologic symptoms. The growth of the tumor the pain progresses. Initially, it resembles a tension-type headache, because patients do not seek medical attention, and take symptomatic pain medicines, besides at the initial stages, they help.

    Traumatic brain injury and its consequences

    The cause of frequent headaches can be the consequences of a previous traumatic brain injury. For example,

    Frequent headaches in children

    In the case when

    Diagnostic tactics

    Every case of frequent headaches require medical attention to exclude serious pathology. The survey begins with a survey and collection of anamnestic data. Students must tell when and from which there is a headache, describe in details its nature, localization, intensity and duration from what is. If the pain is accompanied by other abnormal symptoms, then you should not forget to mention them. You also need to talk about diseases and injuries which you have suffered, perhaps frequent headache associated with them.

    Among the additional methods of diagnostics are used:

    • electroencephalography – allows you to monitor the functional activity of the brain;
    • Ultrasound of vessels of head and neck can diagnose the pathology of the vertebral and carotid arteries, which may be related to frequent headache;
    • radiography,

      Recommendations for people suffering from frequent headache

      So, what do you do with frequent headache? To answer this question can only be a doctor. But there are General recommendations for people:

      • be required to pass a full medical examination;
      • not to take medicines without a doctor's prescription;
      • to respect the rational mode of the day (work and rest);
      • to prevent physical and mental fatigue;
      • nightsleep should be not less than 7-8 hours, not recommended, and pour;
      • balance your diet, eliminating from the menu the foods that can trigger cephalalgia;
      • exercise regularly;
      • to avoid stress and to develop stress tolerance;
      • maintain individual calendar headache;
      • in the case of the warning signs listed above, seek immediate medical help.

      Frequent headaches are a serious test for anyone to pass which alone is very difficult. Because it is not daily to suffer from pain, if this pathological symptom can be easily overcome by joint efforts – and your doctor.