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Headache while breastfeeding: causes and help

With a headache faced by every person without exception. Many of us have already proven, and effective cure for this trouble in my medicine Cabinet. Should drink one tablet – and all as a hand lift. But what to do with a headache a woman who is breastfeeding her child, because she is responsible not only for your health but for your baby? We know that almost all drugs are contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, but do not think about what to relieve pain, while this situation will not affect us personally. So let's understand, what pain can overtake a nursing mom, and what medications will help to get rid of it, while not causing any harm to a small child.

Causes of headache during lactation

Headache as a symptom can occur in virtually all diseases. It may be dull, aching, paroxysmal, constricting, pulsating, varying intensity from barely noticeable to unbearable, localized in one area of the head or cover it completely. And also be accompanied by other pathological symptoms – nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to external stimuli,

Allowed to the use of medications in lactating mothers

In this section we describe the drugs that are used when a single headache (tension type headache), which are in the indicated doses is absolutely safe for baby and effective for mom.

According to the recommendations of the Committee of America on the safety of medicines and foodstuffs (FDA) breastfeeding is permitted and safe application of the following painkillers:

  1. The paracetamol.
  2. Of a prohibited drug while breastfeeding

    There are almost no drugs that after taking a woman does not fall into breast milk. In the instruction must indicate this in a separate paragraph or in the section “special situations”.

    If such an indication is not, it does not mean that the drug does not get into the milk – maybe, no studies have been conducted on this issue, and to take the medicine is strictly prohibited without consultation with your doctor.

    But there are cases when to get medical advice is impossible, for example, headache, it caught you by surprise, and not able to go to the clinic. For just such an emergency, all mom needs to know what medications for headaches they absolutely can not accept.

    Most importantly – forget about

    Rules for the treatment of headache in nursing mothers

    Although the treatment of headaches indicated safe drugs are allowed, but to minimize the impact of drugs on the body of the child need to follow a fewsimple rules:

    • do not assign a medication on your own – this should only be done by a doctor;
    • take only the experts are allowed drugs for headaches for breastfeeding mothers;
    • if this happens and you can't get rid of pain without medication, when it is selected, the main criterion should be safety for the child, not the efficiency for mom;
    • before using drugs thoroughly read the manual – if there is no indication about contraindications nursing mothers, it does not mean that the drug can be taken (just no one has studied this aspect);
    • after taking pills and later feeding the baby carefully watch his condition – any change should cause you concern;
    • possibly, replace medications alternative treatment methods;
    • take medications right after nursing, so next time the concentration of drug in blood and in milk was as low as possible;
    • if you are forced to take drugs under which breastfeeding is contraindicated, why put the child on artificial feeding, while Express milk and pour it (to lactation is not stopped), this will enable you to continue breastfeeding;
    • do not suffer a headache – this has a negative impact not only on your condition but also on your child.

    Tension-type headache and lactation

    This type of headache is particularly relevant for mothers. It develops as a protective reaction of the brain to mental strain, overwork, lack of sleep, what newfound mom just does not hold. Often to eliminate the pain enough to relax, but when your whole life revolves around the little living organism and its needs, this is not so easy to achieve.

    Fortunately, a tension headache is a one-time – enough to make safe for baby the tablet, if there is no strength to endure, and the pain will go away. But subsequently care should be taken to prevent surge, efficient way to build your vacation (mom needs to sleep together with the child) to continue to avoid such a situation. After all the preparations, which allowed for elimination of a headache, nursing mothers, once adopted, will not bring harm, but if there is a need for regular use – it already carries a risk for the health of the baby.

    Absolutely do not worry for your health and the baby's life, you can take in case of tension headache paracetamol tablets or ibuprofen, following all the rules described above. You can also try to get rid of the pain through alternative methods.

    Video transmission about migraine:

    Migraine and breastfeeding

    As a rule, if a woman suffered from migraine beforepregnancy, with its offensive in the lactation period the condition is greatly improved – it's changed hormonal background, but there are exceptions.

    For migraine is characterized throbbing unilateral pain moderate or high intensity, which is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light, sounds. Such an attack lasts from several hours to several days, completely deprives a woman's health and ability to look after their child. Because the relief of migraine attack medication necessarily even nursing mothers.

    Modern pharmacology offers a large number of drugs as to eliminate the already started attack, and to prevent the next, but almost all of them are potent drugs that have many contraindications, even in non-lactating women.

    Protivomigrenosny the only drug that is allowed to use while breastfeeding is Sumatriptan from the group of agonists of serotonin receptors.

    The drug is available under the name Sumamigren, Sumatriptan, Imigran in the form of tablets of 50 and 100 mg and in the form of a nasal spray. For the relief of attack is sufficient to receive 1 tablet of 100 mg (for some people it helps, and 50 mg). The instruction to the drug says to use it while breastfeeding caution. This means that the use is possible, but with some nuances: the period for which breast milk is achieved by the safe concentration of medication for a child is 12 hours. Thus, at this time the baby should be transferred to artificial feeding or feed expressed before taking the pill breast milk.

    Hypertension in nursing mothers

    What if the pressure is low?

    Hypotension are more frequent headaches than hypertension. What to do my mom with a headache as a result of reduced

    Alternative methods of dealing with a headache

    There are many alternative treatments for a headache, lactating women who do not want to take medication. These include how the various recipes of traditional medicine and Eastern methods of treating pain. Consider the most popular and effective.


    Acupuncture since ancient times used for treatment of various diseases and different kinds of pain. The birthplace of this method is considered to be Ancient China. Special thin needles are inserted into the reflex points of the body that allows you to get rid of the pain.

    According to recent clinical studies, acupuncture induces the synthesis of opioid substances in the human brain (endorphins), and thus isheadache. It must be said that today acupuncture is considered even as an alternative to anesthesia for small surgical procedures.


    Massage can be an effective way to treat headaches, in addition, is safe for a breastfeeding mom. Can be used not only regular massage and self-massage. Good point mussirovanie neck and occipital region. Try to breathe deeply and evenly. Very good treatment of massage lends itself to clustered pain (muscle tension).


    This treatment applies to herbal medicine. Essential oils you can just smell, and can be applied to the main massage points of the body. More effectively relieve headache, oil of lavender, peppermint and ginger.


    There are many recipes of traditional medicine using various herbs to treat the pain, but be aware that not all of them are safe for your baby who is breastfed. Before you try any offered to you girlfriend, recipe, talk to your doctor about its effectiveness and safety for the baby.

    As the saying goes, the best treatment is prevention. Because just try to avoid nervous strains and a variety of stressful situations, watch your diet, keep an active way of life – let nothing upset the happy days of your motherhood.