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Headache in cervical osteochondrosis. Causes, symptoms and treatment.

Headaches can be triggered by various reasons. Intervertebral cervical osteochondrosis – one of the most common. If the cause of pain is osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, it is necessary not only to remove symptoms but to eliminate the root cause.

Why intervertebral osteochondrosis causes headaches?

Osteochondrosis any part of the spine, deformation and disturbance of functionality of a vertebral disk. Due to unbalanced diet, lack of vitamins, sedentary lifestyle, injuries and other reasons, disturbed nutrition of tissues. They lose elasticity, begin to break down. In very advanced cases, there is protrusion beyond the vertebral column of the cartilaginous tissue of the disc herniation occurs.

Destruction of the intervertebral cartilage causes, in turn, to the fact that the vertebral joints are in contact with each other. Ruined cartilage can no longer absorb them when moving. Bone tissue wears away, the joint becomes inflamed and deformed. In some cases there is a shift of the joints, the formation of callus. Displaced or deformed, inflamed joint touches the nerve roots around the spinal column, exerts pressure on them. And provokes

The symptoms of intervertebral of osteochondrosis

To define what osteochondrosis provokes attacks of headaches, you can own. The symptoms are headaches caused by cervical osteochondrosis:

  • Irritability and fatigue;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Bouts of severe headaches last for 7-10 hours;
  • Severe pain after taking pain medication is not completely;
  • The onset of pain may begin because of too sharp movements, tilt, shock, stay for a long time in the same position (e.g., after sleep);
  • Side symptoms – numbness, loss of coordination and dizziness, vomiting, not bringing the improvement of health.

The symptoms are not typical for headaches caused by the cervical intervertebral osteochondrosis:

  • Body temperature is subfebrile above;
  • General deterioration, a sharp increase in pain;
  • If vomiting brings some improvement of health, it is a sign of disruption of the blood supply of the brain. With osteoarthritis the symptoms are not related.

For headaches provoked by degenerative disc disease, is not characteristic of increased sweating, pallor, attacks of cardiac pain, chills, and panic condition. These symptoms are associated with severe circulatory disorders of the brain. When available, you must call an ambulance, because the consequences can beirreversible possible the probability of death.

Headache in pregnant women with cervical osteochondrosis

The development of osteoarthritis during pregnancy is a fairly common problem with a set of body weight and increase the load on the spine with the growth and development of the fetus. Most often affected are the lumbar spine, the cervical division of the disease affected to a lesser degree.

Treatment of headaches caused by damage to the cartilage of the intervertebral disc during pregnancy should be approached with caution: most drugs to pregnant women is contraindicated. Generally recommended during pregnancy safe treatment of folk remedies and holistic therapies.

How to treat headache from degenerative disc disease?

The first phase of treatment is withdrawal symptoms.

As the pain provoked by the compression of the nerve roots, only painkillers for getting rid of it is often not enough. Take a pain reliever in combination drugs, normalizing blood circulation, expand blood vessels, also with anti-inflammatory drugs and antispasmodics.

Pills to relieve symptoms and subsequent treatment

As a rule, appointed by such drugs as Revalin, Spazgan, Baralgin and others. They are effective enough, quickly relieve pain.

Any drugs for headache treatment can be prescribed only by your physician during the examinations.

After removing the symptoms you need to eliminate the cause of the headache is cervical osteochondrosis. The most effective in this case are drugs hondroprotektory stimulating regeneration of cartilage and restore its functionality.

For treatment of apply not just medicines, but integrated treatment.

      1. The patient shows a bed rest, and peace. You need to give up too much soft bedding, to replace them with orthopedic mattress and pillows.
      2. It is recommended to balance a diet: it must contain vitamins and micronutrients that help rebuild cartilage: chondroitin, methylsulfonylmethane, silicon, vitamins a, C, E, b, copper, selenium. Additionally prescribe vitamin and mineral complex tablets.
      3. Assigned to therapeutic massage and manual therapy. This treatment improves blood circulation in the cervical spine, relieve inflammation, spasms and tension in the joints and surrounding the spine tissues. We recommend you to try self massage of the neck for prevention and acute exacerbations, exercise watch video

Prophylaxis of headaches in osteochondrosis

Sleep is necessary to choose the optimal pillow height: the bending angle of the neck during sleep should not be more than 15 degrees.


  • Sauna and hot tub at home several times a week;
  • Daily Jogging or Hiking in parks/forest zone;
  • Optimal physical load. You must avoid tensing your muscles;
  • Hourly breaks during sedentary work in the office.

Follow these simple preventive rules will allow to avoid development of diseases of the spine and subsequent headaches, and when treated osteochondrosis contributes to a longer remission.