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The treatment of migraine and headaches

Treatment of headache can be infinitely varied, including quite usual tablets and physiotherapy, and means of alternative medicine with tricky diets, and special events of the "energy" of nature. But what if it's not a simple headache overvoltage, but a real


There are people who are more resistant to headaches and those who are the most predisposed. The easiest way is to set in predisposed to migraines and other syndromes of acute and intense cephalgia – if the family has at least someone with a similar ailment, the chance of suffering from it increases significantly.

In addition, such discomfort predisposed people fat, overweight, little time giving a healthy way of life. Poor diet, the abundance of fatty, fried, canned is almost always leads to the development of poor health. And if to be treated only with pills, it will only get worse.

Also among the common causes of headaches and migraines is called intoxication. That is why during diseases infectious diseases begins to "crack" or "ache" head. The same can be said about the hangover, and about those cases when the appearance of migraine headaches is to blame for chronic illness – for example, poor performance of the pancreas, liver, kidneys. We should also mention diabetes – a development of the headache is a constant companion of the patient.

Almost always the people badly transferring any stress and psycho-emotional stress, has changeable moods, is almost always much more suffer from headaches, the more mentally balanced people.

In all cases, the appearance of a headache of any kind must first discover the cause and eliminate it, and then remove the symptoms.

Relief attack medication

This files most often about headaches, remember when it already is. The first thing that comes to mind is to take a pill. It can be an aspirin


To cope with the rapidly incipient headache or migraine, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Fresh air – stuffy areas are best avoided;
  • The lack of tobacco smoke – this also applies to hookahs and electronic cigarettes;
  • A glass of water – dehydration can provoke the pain is not worse than the disease, and instead of water it is better to use green tea;
  • Food – the head can hurt and hunger, so it's worth or have the time, or to always keep handy some snack;
  • Sleep at the beginning of a migraine better go to sleep or at least try to do it;
  • Darkness and silence – with the head pain the person more sensitive to light, color andnoise, they can even strengthen the attack.

Even if it does not help to completely get rid of the pain, it will significantly weaken the attack. Especially it is necessary to refer to computer monitors and mobile phones, and their light is also able to act as a trigger, the provocateur of pain. Instead of reading an e-book or to consider photos, it is better to lie in silence and darkness, sleep and Wake up healthy.

Professional treatment

Headache therapist in any case should give the direction to examination by neurologist and ophthalmologist. Regular headaches are no joke, they can be not just normal migraine, but a symptom of a far more serious, but not yet to the end of the manifested disease.

A neurologist examines the nervous system and put a probable diagnosis, assigning treatment. In recent years, along with the usual painkillers, terminating seizures, they recommend nootropics and manual therapy – pinched nerve in the cervical spine is probably the most common cause of permanent discomfort.

The ophthalmologist examines the eye, find out

Prevention medications

Sometimes it is enough to stop taking medication to get back to normal. For example, women to stop regular headaches stop taking birth control pills on a hormonal basis.

In other cases, guilty fascination with pain – course of treatment most of them for only 3-5 days, but many patients are unknowingly drinking them for months. The result is aboutonly syndrome – headache drugs. To abandon this bad habit to drink any pain analgesic difficult enough – syndrome has a distinct effect of the abolition, that is, when you try to just stop taking medication, the condition will significantly deteriorate. To overcome pill addiction, you will need a verified course of therapy and the help of an experienced physician. Not only that, when Autonom syndrome headaches do not stop after drug treatment, and can seriously affect the liver and kidneys.

Many patients report a beneficial effect of homeopathic medicines – herbal extracts beneficial effect on the condition of the vessels and


Ways to get rid of migraines and pain many they own. Many helps manual therapy, others require the help of an osteopath, the third – Oriental acupuncture. In any case, during curative treatment, the doctor has no effect on the head but often on the back. Removing muscle spasms, pinched and preventing low back pain, it is possible to nullify the pain any strength.

Prevention lifestyle

Those who live outside the city, much less sufferheadaches than citizens. The reason is not only fresh air but also a constant work, not giving the possibility to stagnate the blood in the body. The least amount of stress, rhythm and tranquility beneficial effect on the psyche, making it stronger and body healthier.

A diet with cephalgia is one of the important risk factors, so it is best to review their attitude to what is considered tasty and healthy. The pain can cause canned food, cheeses, chocolate and nuts, alcohol and coffee. Even a Cup of cocoa is able to deliver a few nasty hours! And that's not to mention the fact that they are able to cause intoxication – heavy, fatty, fried foods.

A weak body is very responsive not a change in the weather. To stop being a human barometer, is to do the sport, or at least easy physical therapy. Even a simple walk every day will significantly improve health and prevent a large part of the attacks.

Unconventional prevention

It is believed that the use of decoctions and infusions of certain herbs if you are not able to deliver completely, significantly reduce the distress and suffering of the patient. Such, for example, tea made from collected twigs of rosemary, green tea, ginger tea. Of course, it is better first to consult a doctor, but these teas are rarely prohibited for the patient.

Other methods should rather be attributed to physical culture is a variety of soothing and gentle gymnastics and yoga. Providing a moderate load to the body, we strengthen blood vessels and reduce the level of stress that helps fight the appearance of pain attacks.

Surprisingly, for such patients it works well enough the placebo effect, transfer the patient harmless pills, vitamins under the guise of potent drugs. Similarly, there are and various folk methods and superstitions – "conspiracy", "cleaning" and manipulation of "psychics".

One of the most effective methods of prevention used by doctors – the reduction in the number of headaches and migraines with avoidance of situations that provoke them. Of course, the emotional and mental burden to protect yourself is quite difficult, to respect the day, to avoid the heat, hunger, dehydration and lack of sleep it is easier. Therefore, every patient is psychological research on the triggers of individual agents discomfort. With the help of follow some simple rules in this approach can be if not cured completely, significantly reduce a patient's suffering.

The most effective measure to combat headaches remains a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.