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Neck massage

The neck massage helps to restore

How is the massage?

Fortunately, the neck massage is one of the most simple and affordable types of massage, to learn which everyone can. A nice advantage of this procedure is that for this massage no tools needed.

In order to best perform the massage the neck area, massaging need to put high on the couch or sit on a chair with a low back or without her, preferably opposite the high table. You can also deploy the chair so that the patient rested his chest on her back, but then you have to put a small pillow or rolled up towel. On the table to put a soft pillow or cushion that a person could sit comfortably and relax, his head resting on a makeshift stand.

Massage should begin with light stroking, which will provide heating of the skin and upper muscle layer. Traffic should be sent from the spine to the sides, top to bottom, but in any case, not Vice versa. Gradually the need to increase pressure to the stroking turned to rubbing. This technique performs the phalanges, which allows to achieve maximum effect under the action of the muscles.

The next stage of the massage must be kneading. It is performed with both hands, since the main purpose of massage is the trapezius muscle. It's a pretty painful part of the massage, especially if the back is overly tense, or if there is a greater deposition of harmful substances. If discomfort the patient will say exactly what the nature of the pain originated in where. To endure the pain in this case is impossible, if your "client" said about the pain, the pressure should be reduced.

To touch the spine is not recommended, it can have a negative impact on the entire body of the patient.

When exposed to the collar area need to pay attention to the shoulders and upper back, as this is where most tension accumulates and stagnates the blood. RUB and stretch the back need on the surface of the joints and muscles of the back.

Try to avoid sudden movements and do not too put pressure on the skin, as this can cause bruising. To learn how to do the neck massage alone is not so difficult – the main thing to know the basic movements and feel how much you can stretch your muscles.

Indications for massage

Traditionally, massage is an excellent procedure that is often included in the prevention of many diseases, which helps to get rid of the excessive tension and stagnation of blood in the end of the day. In General, the neck massage is also shown to people suffering from migraines, back pain, circulatory disorders andhypertension.

Massage is used for getting rid of the symptoms

Contraindications for massage

Massage is not for everyone, and massage the neck area is no exception. The list of contraindications for him similar to other massage procedures. It is impossible to do massage for people suffering from cancer, in violation of the liver, kidneys or heart, blood diseases, including thrombosis, as well as at high pressure.

So the doctors do not recommend massage for people who suffer from skin diseases, acute infections or viral diseases, which are accompanied by a sharp increase in body temperature.

The result of the massage

Despite the fact that almost always the first massage is very painful (which is often the result of neglect of the disease), on the second time massaging feels much better. Lost fatigue and apathy, normalized sleep and appetite, alleviates pain in the neck, shoulders and head. Often, massage is becoming a great alternative to a large number of painkillers in migraine.

A full course of massage therapy to return to normal life and fully recover.