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Traditional treatment of headache

A variety of methods of treatment of headache may confuse the unprepared person, especially if his head is already sore. But it is from the extensive list, you can always choose affordable and effective methods.


This is one of the most simple, affordable and effective methods. A light massage that can be done independently, has a complex effect: it relaxes muscles, removes stress, normalizes circulation, and it is these factors often lead to headaches. It is recommended to do the following:

  1. Slowly use your fingertips to massage the entire head of hair. Special attention should be paid to areas where there is soreness.
  2. Similar massage, you can spend a massage comb. She needs to comb his hair slowly and carefully, at least 5-10 minutes.
  3. Place your thumbs on your temples, and forehead. Slow circular movements need to massage the forehead.
  4. Index with average fingers of each hand to massage whisky, the area behind the ears.
  5. The thumbs and forefingers to stretch the ear.
  6. To make a few moves a head back, pressing her head to the back, and forward, pressing her chin to her neck. In each position you need to lock it not a few seconds. Now tilt it in a similar way to the left and right shoulder.

This gentle massage allows in many cases to relieve a headache, especially caused by fatigue or muscle tension. But it is not effective in all cases.


Effect on mood and well-being of different odors is known since ancient times, and modern research only confirmed their effectiveness.

Aromatherapy will help people who are faced with a headache regularly. The aromatic oils contained in plants have a complex composition, which includes dozens of biologically active compounds.

Today there are hundreds of types of aromatic oils, from them the ability to take away the headache have the following:

  1. Lavender.
  2. Mint.
  3. Nutmeg.
  4. Rosemary.
  5. Lemon.
  6. Orange.
  7. Geranium.
  8. Orange.

They can be used individually or in mixtures. The most effective are these combinations:

  1. Lavender and peppermint, 1-1 parts.
  2. Sage, rosemary, ylang-ylang 1-3-4.
  3. Orange mint – 3-2.
  4. Tea tree, peppermint, rosemary – 2-2-1.
  5. Nutmeg, lavender – 1-1.
  6. Peppermint, rosemary, orange and 1-2-1.

You can make combinations. Strict rules and no restrictions, most importantly that the resulting smell was pleasant. All of these reasons oilyou can buy in the store or pharmacy separately, and if necessary to make mixture or make it in advance and store in a separate vessel.

There are many methods of using essential oils against headaches:

  1. An oil burner. This design is a small bowl of water, which is heated from below by a candle. In a bowl filled with water in which to drop a few drops of oil – no more than 3-4 for a medium sized room. After use, the lamp need to be cleaned. If the burner no, instead, you can use a normal bowl with warm but not too hot water.
  2. Aromamedalony. The only disadvantage of an oil burner it is impossible to take with you. Replace it can aromacean. It is a small hollow pendant and recess. Most often it is made from porous clay, wood, and rarely glass or stones. Usually it has the form of an amphora, or jug, in the middle of which drips 1-2 drops of fragrance oil or mixture. Aromacean can wear all the time, it would prevent a headache. But if you feel the first signs, aromacean need to bring to the nose and a few deep smell. There is one gas station within 2-3 days after it must be repeated. To extend this period, inside you can put a small piece of cotton or sponge. It is convenient to dial in a disposable syringe of appropriate types of oils in selected proportions and store in this form.
  3. Massage. Aroma oils can be applied directly to the skin, for example, temples, forehead, behind ears, back of the head. But it pre-mix the fragrance oil with a greasy, odour: peach or grape seed, olive. In their absence, will suit even the regular cream. You need to apply no more than one drop of oil to the mixture.
  4. Bath. Aromatic oils can be added to a warm relaxing bath. In this case, the action smell will be enhanced with warm water. This will remove the spasm from the muscles, relax them, calm. The bath can be add no more than 3-4 drops. First they need to dissolve in milk or water and add the mixture.
  5. Compress. When the headache is often recommended to use cool compresses. Enhance their action if the water in which they will soak, add a few drops aromastase.

Treatment headache good in the first place for its versatility. You can pick up any recipe and use it permanently or to experiment, because it is not only effective but also very pleasant way.

Other popular recipes treatment of headaches

There are many popular treatments for headaches, which is impossible to make any one of the following categories. They can hardly be called universal or to classify,help they are not for everyone, but the harm they cause:

  1. Copper coin. Advise when

    Headache treatment herbs

    There are many methods of treating headaches with herbs and plants. There are complex tincture, consisting of dozens of ingredients, but we will tell you about a simple and affordable means:

    1. Cabbage leaf. Cabbage leaves have to mash, to lubricate the juice of the wrist, whiskey and neck, and the leaf applied to the forehead.
    2. Clay. From clay to mix quite a thick paste and apply on the forehead or whiskey. You can add a few drops of aromatic oils.
    3. Water. Often, the headache appears during dehydration, so the first thing you need to drink a glass of warm mineral or plain water.
    4. Cinnamon. Grams ground cinnamon to pour 50 grams of hot water and let stand 5-10 minutes. Then strain the infusion and drink. Repeat every 2-3 hours if the headache continues unabated.
    5. Valerian. Very good for headache a decoction or infusion of roots or herbs Valerian.
    6. The beet juice. Soaked it on a cotton pad to attach to the temples.
    7. The propolis. This means you can prepare in advance if headache occurs periodically. 10 grams of propolis to dissolve in 50 grams of vodka and store in the fridge. Headaches make the tool 40 drops, dissolving in pure water.
    8. The rind of the lemon. The lemon rind should be cleaned with whiskey.
    9. St. John's wort. Tablespoons dried St. John's wort, you need to brew in a Cup of boiling water. Infusion to accept on third of glass three times a day with food.
    10. Immortelle. Dry grass needs to be sewn up in linen bag and put beside your pillow. Also you can add lavender, peppermint, Valerian.

    These methods allow in most cases to get rid of a headache without the use of drugs. But in some cases to get rid of it even easier.

    What to do for headache

    If you only feel a headache, will help the following:

    1. If possible, go to a separate room, dim or turn off the light.
    2. The room should be quiet, but helps some soft relaxing music.
    3. You must open a window to provide fresh air.
    4. You can't read, watch TV, work or play at the computer, because it amplifies the voltage.
    5. You need to remove a headdress, to dissolve the hair, as it increases the tension of the scalp.
    6. For pain from fatigue or strain can help a light massage of shoulders and neck.

    In many cases after that, you can feel that the headache recedes.

    When you need the help of a doctor

    You must understand that headache is onlysymptom of a disease. Their list is extremely broad and includes a variety of pathology. There are a number of indicators that speak about the necessity of a medical examination:

    1. Headache is very strong, appeared suddenly on the background of complete well-being.
    2. Headache lasts more than a day.
    3. The headaches appear from time to time.
    4. Severe pain accompanied by disturbances of vision, nausea, vomiting.
    5. Headache is accompanied by slurred speech, motor skills and facial expressions. This may be a sign of stroke, and therefore, it is necessary to call an ambulance.

    In such cases it is necessary to address to the neuropathologist. This doctor deals with the diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system including the brain. But in some cases may need an extended examination and consultation of additional experts: Laura, vertebrologist, cardiologist and so on.

    Headache from time to time you may receive any, but if it became a habit or interferes with daily – needed qualified medical assistance.