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The principal reasons for a sore scalp

With a headache is no stranger to almost every one. We've learned that

The wrong hairstyle

Perhaps this is the first reason that can hurt the scalp. Diagnostic search should begin with the exclusion of this factor.

Too tight tails, buns, braids, headbands, a large number of spikes and stealth contribute microtraumatic skin of the scalp, microcirculation disturbance and stagnation of blood within the skin.

Also the pain can cause a drastic change of hairstyle. For example, you always went with a tight pony-tail, but one day decided to go to work with her hair. This can cause skin pain of the head. The fact that hair get used to one position, and if you change the adaptation to new conditions occurs somewhat painful. But this pain is short-term, and help to quickly get rid of her, a simple head massage or brushing.

To prevent such pain, it is often necessary to change her hair at night to keep your hair loose, comb them every day for 10-15 minutes in the morning and before bed (kind of massage) wooden comb.


Cause pain in the scalp can become and hat – too tight cap, cap, bandage. Such things disrupt the normal process of blood circulation in the skin and lymph drainage, and is the cause of pain. If you find in your closet such a thing, then it is better to refuse. Indeed, over time it can even become the cause of hair loss.


Despite the fact that the scalp is covered with hair, it can very easily chill. First of all it concerns people who used to walk in the cold without a hat. Inside the skin of the head is a lot of anatomical structures, sebaceous and sweat glands, hair follicles, blood and lymph vessels, nerves.

They can become inflamed and cause sometimes quite severe pain in region of the scalp. In addition, constant exposure can cause necrosis of hair follicles and baldness.


Tools hair care can cause pain the skin of the head. The most common cause is allergic dermatitis to some sort of cosmetic (shampoo, balsam, conditioner, hair mask, etc.).

Additional symptoms that will help you recognize atopic or contact dermatitis include itching, dandruff, dry scalp, rash on head, hair loss, their dull and section.

Therefore before applying a new cosmetic product for scalp it is necessary to conductAllergy test. To do this, apply a little shampoo on the inside of the forearm and rinse. To evaluate the result should be after 2 hours. If there is no redness, rash, swelling, itching, you can safely begin to use the new cosmetics.

Tension-type headache

This type of headache is the most common among the population. Patients describe it differently: some feel it inside the head, others with a sore scalp.

Thus the person feels pain mild or moderate intensity, squeezing or pressing character. Rooting can occasionally or the pain becomes chronic. Usually, this pain is satisfactorily tolerated by the patients, some even get used to it and do not seek medical help.

Often people suffering this type of pain, harakterizuet it as a helmet or a helmet that presses on the head (“helmet neurasthenic”).

The cause of tension headache believe prolonged stressful situation, emotional and mental tension.

It usually appears at the end of the day, lasts from 30 minutes to 3 days. The pain never throbbing – it's permanent.

To get rid of such pain enough to relax in peace for 1-2 hours, or take a pill analgesic (

Vegetative-vascular dystonia

Vegetative-vascular dystonia is a General dysfunction of the nervous system that can manifest a variety of symptoms, including pain in the area of the scalp. The diagnosis of VSD is a diagnosis of exclusion. The doctor exposes him only if other causes of pathological symptoms was not found.

Pain of the scalp in such patients may provoke:

  • stressful situation;
  • psycho-emotional surge;
  • heavy physical work;
  • change in the weather;
  • colds.

As a rule, treatment of VSD, which is accompanied by pain in the scalp, is a General tonic and stimulant (immunomodulators, vitamins, physiotherapy methods. Also assigned sedative therapy, phytotherapy. Positive results can be achieved through rationalization of the mode of rest and work, lifestyle changes, physiotherapy exercises.


This is an infectious disease that is caused by the head louse and affects the scalp, and sometimes eyebrows, beard and mustache. The head louse is an insect that lives in hair skin person. The insect feeds on blood.

Pediculosis is a frequent cause of pain of the scalp, but it is not one or the most important symptom of this parasitic disease:

  • in the site of the bitethe insect causes severe itching;
  • on the scalp rash – vesicles, scabs, scratching, oozing, layering a secondary infection – purulent lesions;
  • parasites and their eggs can be seen on the skin with the naked eye.

Treatment of head lice outside. Used of substances pediculocidal activity, for example, serotta ointment, benzyl benzoate, boric and white mercury ointment.


Herpes zoster is the damage of the nerve fibers and skin, which is caused by the virus Herpes zoster (which causes children chickenpox).

One day, once in the body, the herpes zoster virus never leaves him. It is maintained in an inactive form in the nerve ganglions. In the case of impact on the body of any negative factors, such as hypothermia, the virus “wakes up” and causes damage to nerve fibers that go from the affected site.

In case of pain in the region of the scalp the virus is in the node of the trigeminal nerve. In the case of activating it and hitting the top branches of the trigeminal nerve (which innervates the skin of the scalp and forehead) develops the following symptoms of herpes zoster:

  • for 1-2 weeks the patient concerned about burning and

    Dermatological diseases of the scalp

    The scalp is virtually no different from the rest of the skin of the body, because it is subject to all existing dermatological diseases, infectious and not.

    If you have a sore scalp, but also other characteristic features of the dermatological diseases, it is possible to suspect the following diseases:

    • fungal infections of the scalp (trichophytosis, microsporia, favus);
    • seborrhea;
    • psoriasis;
    • systemic lupus erythematosus;
    • the furunculosis.

    To establish a correct diagnosis can only a dermatologist after a thorough examination and additional examination methods.

    How to help themselves?

    If you often have sore scalp, but that there are objective reasons, we can try to get rid of the pathological feelings with the help of scalp massage.

    Classic head massage is performed in 4 stages:

    1. For 5 minutes you must perform the massage movements are similar to those we do when we wash our hair.
    2. The second step is combing hair wooden comb for 10 minutes. It is necessary to do a variety of movements.
    3. Then grab the hair near the roots and slowly pull back on them, then the voltage poslablate. It is necessary to repeat 15-20 times.
    4. The final stage is in the final combing hair wooden comb and preparing them tosleep.

    Excellent results can be obtained when applying the massager for a tingling head. He copes well with the tiredness, headache and painful sensations in the area of the scalp. Massager streamlines the process of blood circulation in the skin, which improves nutrition of hair follicles. Also makes sleep and improves mood.

    Self-massage of the head:

    If it really happened, and you are concerned about the constant pain in the region of the scalp, the first step is to exclude causes such as the wrong hair, the awkward hat, bad hair. Then you need to seek specialized medical help to exclude more serious causes described above. Only in this case it is possible to cope with this problem and do no harm to your body.