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Why hurt the right side of the head

This files most often unilateral headache is a symptom of migraine. Therefore, once the painkillers just stop to help, and the pain is getting intolerable. If you suddenly became ill on the right side of his head, and fell ill suddenly and very strongly – do not delay going to the doctor.

Migraine is most common in women and is a genetic disease that is transmitted either through generation or from mother to daughter. But sometimes men are affected by this unpleasant disease, but it is extremely, extremely rare.

The symptoms of migraine

  1. There is a strong, excruciating pain. It is localized in the superior-temporal part of the head.
  2. The precursor of disease is violation of visual and sensitive disorders.
  3. Migraine accompanied by nausea, vomiting, photophobia, intolerance to sharp sounds. In addition, the disease literally attracts people to the bed, depriving him of the opportunity to lead a normal lifestyle. However, such an attack lasts more than a day.
  4. Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania

    This is one of the most severe and painful types of migraines. Attacks happen every day, and are accompanied by acute pain either in right or in left side of head. Special strong it is in the frontal lobe in the area of pain the eyes and temples. This is a very strong, cutting, drilling pain. Sometimes it is of a throbbing character. Acute pain covers half of the skull, often "give" in the jaw. While seizures may occur up to fifteen times per day and have a different duration.

    The pain is striking and eyeball and cause redness, constriction of the pupil and no reaction to light. This pain is accompanied by copious lacrimation and nasal congestion in the affected part.

    The patient requires rest and rest, it is desirable to put in a dark cool room with a constant flow of fresh air. Should protect it from excess noise, bright lights, and odors, as during a migraine attack they bring to the patient additional suffering.

    The disease is also more common in women than in men, but becomes apparent only in adulthood.

    Cluster headache

    This kind of disease in 90% of cases is found in representatives of a strong half of mankind.

    The disease is characterized by sudden onset, pain is concentrated in the region of the orbit, has high intensity. The disease spreads exclusively on one part of the head penetrating into the frontal-temporal region, cheek, neck, permeates the entire brain. During the attack

    Causes of headache in right side of head

    1. Glaucoma. Increased intraocular pressure causes intense pain in the eye thatapply to the frontal and temporal lobes. The pain is "sharp", "deep", increasing in the dark as the pupil dilates.
    2. Inflammatory diseases of organs of vision as well lead to the emergence of unilateral dull pain in the temple or eye socket.
    3. The invariable precursor of headaches in the right or left of the head is an inflammatory process in the sinuses.
    4. Heredity. As mentioned above, migraine is almost always "inherited" from the older generation to the younger.
    5. Tumor. Headache may result from tumor development and is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness. Headache it in the morning, during the day the pain is worse. People rapidly lose weight, there are personality changes, convulsions. The first manifestations of strange headache on the right side of the head, immediately consult a doctor.
    6. Trauma to the skull that occurs as a result of blow or injury, can cause headaches. If it hurts the right side of the head, but the injuries were very long, it can be both an echo of and a direct consequence of not seeking qualified help.
    7. Osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae. Accompanied by

      How to treat a headache?

      In the first place, especially in the case of a clustered disease, treat the cause of the disease. Migraine, unfortunately, is treatable with great reluctance, but with the proper approach, you can significantly reduce pain and to avoid the temporary loss of capacity for work.

      Of course, to assign the exact treatment can only a doctor, based on the results of mandatory examinations, for which you will receive after complaining about the characteristic headache. Thanks to modern technology, the results will be ready in no time and you will be able to proceed with the prescribed treatment

      To cope with an acute attack of headache, it should be avoided in the initial stages, when pain syndrome have not yet appeared, but the signs of migraine are already present. Fairly simple but effective remedy is sleep: during sleep, the migraine is, and so it began. However, sometimes Vice versa: the head starts to hurt in a dream, and with awakening brings unbearable torment.

      From such headaches help powerful pain relievers, but only for a short time. After some time the body ceases to perceive the painkillers, and the pain only intensified. That's why in the treatment of migraine drugs needed to be combined.

      There are a number of modern medicines that help to fight migraines. However, they eventually cease to influence the disease. Besides, they are quite expensive and not effective for all typesmigraine.

      Prevention of headaches

      To avoid sharp headaches on the right side of the head, you must follow some recommendations which are given by doctors:

      1. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Spend more time outdoors, engaged in active sports, alternate physical labor with the rest, don't forget to make breaks during the working day: it will help to relieve the brain and avoid fatigue, which can also cause pain.
      2. Avoid coniferous forests and smells of resins: noticed that it triggers a migraine.
      3. Excellent prevention of headaches will be the yoga or similar Eastern practices. This will help to restore the balance of body, avoid stress and keep yourself in proper physical shape.
      4. Follow the diet: eliminate or at least minimize in your diet of spicy, salty, fried, smoked. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink natural juices and plenty of water.
      5. When the precursors of a migraine – a sleepiness, tearfulness, impairment of vision – eat a Mandarin or orange. Citrus fruits have a beneficial effect on the body and can help to avoid attack.

      By following these simple tips, and not forgetting to promptly contact their doctor at the first sign of pain, you will be able to avoid serious head diseases and their subsequent development.