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Constant headache

What can be considered a constant headache? When it happens regularly attacks or when just doesn't work for a few days? There are different medical approaches to this definition, primarily due to the fact that this symptom may be accompanied by 46 different diseases as directly related to the head, and not directly related.


For diagnosis in the first place is to determine how it behaves headache:

  • in what part of the head it is localized or spans the broad areas
  • in what region is given
  • what type of pain – nagging, aching, dull, sharp, "shooting"
  • what time of day the attack occurs
  • what is the average duration of the attack
  • any associated symptoms:

    The probable reasons for constant headaches

    Cause headaches much. Constant headache – a little less reason, but they still abound. Even regular stress and lack of sleep can cause persistent pain, but from them it is enough just to get rid of, therefore as prevention doctors without exception recommend often ventilate the area, correct diet regime and nutrition, sleep and to increase physical activity for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

    But usually everything is much more serious. The most common causes of this ailment are:

    • Characteristic constant headaches

      Vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertension, kidney disease, thyroid cancer, brain tumor and stroke – they are all "sick" in different ways. Knowing the approximate the clinical picture, it is possible to take measures for the relief of an attack, and in some cases save the life of the patient. For example, in the case of a stroke the countdown is in minutes and to call an ambulance is not enough. But how to determine from a stranger stroke? In this case the headache out of the ordinary turns into a sharp "kick" on a certain region, loss of vision and distortion of speech (reversed syllables). Weakness or numbness of the hands and/or feet from one side of the body, amnesia – all these are symptoms of a stroke, which, depending on severity, can lead to minor complications and to paralysis, or even death.

      Contraindications with constant headaches

      The main danger for the patient sometimes lies not in the complications, and the excessive medication. Hoping to stop the attack, patients jammed discomfort analgesics, does not agree with the doctors neither dose nor treatment. As a result, they earn...headache! Ubusuna headache, more about which we'll talk a little bit further on, occurs because of depression of the nerve centers responsible for pain suppression inresult of uncontrolled medication. Most often this occurs on a background of abuse and co-administration funds to improve sleep, caffeine and theine.

      So you should carefully read the instructions even to analgin – what dose is put an adult and a child, how often to take the medicine. In addition, it should be remembered that the treatment is not infinite – any analgesic drug should not take more than 15 days in one calendar month. To compound medicines (which includes several substances such as

      First aid for constant headaches

      If pills do not help and headache for several days, be sure to consult a doctor. If it is impossible to do right now, here are a few tips that will allow at least a little to alleviate the situation of the patient:

      • Ventilation – stuffy and dry with Central heating radiator the air is not saturated with oxygen.
      • Rest – to ensure patient silence, the darkness and the horizontal position is not so difficult.
      • Head massage – if you stretch lightly the scalp blood circulation will be improved. Similarly, the action has to comb the massage comb.
      • Herbal tea – a decoction of mint, lavender or chamomile has a calming and analgesic effect, but does not contain caffeine, which is not only in coffee but also in tea, especially green.

      As prevention will have to revise your routine and nutrition. Particular attention should be paid to the diet. Here are some products that could cause a prolonged headache with regular use:

      • Contain the narrowing, and then dramatically expand blood vessels tyramine and phenylethylamine – meats, nuts, red wine, cheese, cocoa, coffee, chocolate.
      • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein or monosodium the surplus is in soybeans, processed spices – it is frequently included in Oriental cuisine, for example, in the form of a sauce.
      • Nitrites, exacerbate the seizures and giving the pink color of sausage products – sausages, sausages, bacon, salami, etc.
      • Aspartame and Е961 sweetener in low-calorie sweets, carbonated soft drinks, diet yoghurts, as well as cough lozenges and vitamins to give them a pleasant taste. Can also see the sweets for diabetics.

      Ubusuna headache

      Constant, chronic, daily headache lasting 15 – 90 days or more caused by the medication, called aboutuse or medicinal. More often it affects women and children.

      It's a dull ache, which comes and sleep disorders, the person becomes irritable and being tired. The highest peak is in the morning, immediately after waking up,so sometimes patients also suspect a brain tumor.

      Self-healing never comes – only long-term therapy can help the patient. The most difficult situation, those who gradually increased the dose of medication and now the body is not able to suppress the pain symptoms either independently or with the help of medical means. Treatment consists in refusal of drugs that triggered the disease and remedial measures.

      Examination and diagnosis, as a rule, is only in the description of complaints of the patient if you can't find other reasons. Naturally, an important role in determining pathology is the veracity of the testimony of the patient, therefore, eliminated all restrictions on how much and what kind of pills a day he takes. Sometimes, to confirm the diagnosis and rule out medical error (especially when there is suspicion of a brain tumor) is assigned to the magnetic resonance or computed tomography.

      Vegetative-vascular dystonia

      One of the most common reasons for constant headaches is VSD. This disease most often affects women, and the attack launches not any factor, and the defect in the nervous system.

      Despite the fact that its intensity is low, it is accompanied by loss of coordination in space, nausea and weakness,


      Hypertension manifests itself as temporal and occipital pain. A common cause of inattention to your body, manifesting itself in excess weight, sedentary lifestyle, wrong diet, and adulthood multiplies the attacks, turning them into a chronic headache.

      Pulsation of blood vessels accompanied by nausea, sometimes vomiting. In addition to contacting a physician is required and inspection of the cardiologist with the appointment of complex treatment. In addition, during seizures in the morning, there is a danger of having a brain tumor.