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Sharp pain in the head

Sharp head pain can begin for a variety of reasons – stress, overexertion, fatigue can be felt at any time. But there are also various diseases that for a long time in a latent phase, and then begin to manifest in full force.

Cervicogenic occipital neuralgia nerve

Most often, pain appears due to the neglect of their health and failure to observe some simple rules. Poor posture, awkward posture during work, work with the tilt of the head or slouching, sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow – all this causes a pain called cervicogenic occipital neuralgia nerve.

Pathology of the autonomic ganglia in the cranial cavity

Sharp pain in neck and facial muscles may be caused by a pathology of autonomic ganglia in the cranial cavity. Sudden deep pain is very strong, is given to whiskey and eyes. The reason for these unpleasant sensations will almost always consists in inflammation and brain tumors – almost always

Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania

The hemicrania often confused in everyday life with

Cluster headache

Migrainous neuralgia (of Harris, otherwise known as cluster pain is one of the most intense symptoms among headaches. The strength and frequency has little to compare with this diagnosis.

Unlike hemicrania, almost all (about 90% of patients suffering from cluster pain – men young and middle age. Attacks can be both single and serial, one after the other. For no apparent reason they start at any time but mostly at night.

This is an extremely strong burning pain with a feeling of fullness, and distribution. Appears in the temple with the transition to the neck, half head or around the eyes, spreading all over the face. The most frequent localization of pain, the eye, causing severe pain accompanied by profuse lacrimation, redness of the skin and mucous membranes. The patient seems eyes bulging from the sockets.

The attack also looks unsightly – reddened half of the face, strong nose and swollen, red irritated eyes. The patient experiences

Subarachnoid hemorrhage

Heat and burning in the head, headache with the transition into a back or eyes, and sometimes nausea and vomiting – all symptoms of subarachnoid hemorrhage. The reason for its appearance in the aneurysm ruptures, causing their shape changes, and the patient begins to experience discomfort. Why she is torn, forming "bags"?

Hemorrhage in the cerebellum

Unbearable pain is sometimes a symptom of a no less dangerous situation – hemorrhage in the cerebellum. In addition to the pain the patient cannot navigate in space, him dizzy, coordination is weakened or violated, there are problems with it. Sometimes it is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, weakness, jerky movements of the eyes from side to side. The pain is so strong that it can force the patient to scream.

As looking for the cause of the pain

To understand where a sharp pain, the symptoms, but the doctor also needs to focus on medical research. They include:

  • Blood test – to detect intoxication;
  • The x – ray detection of bone and cartilage neoplasms, traumas and their consequences;
  • MRI detection of tumors and inflammations, hemorrhages;
  • Electroencephalography — the detection of tumors and inflammations, hemorrhages;
  • Ophthalmic examination – to determine the intracranial pressure.