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Sex and headache: is there a relationship?

Intimacy is an integral part of every person's life. The nature of this form of biological behavior were conceived in such a way as to deliver only pleasure, both physical and emotional. But there are times when the sexual act instead of satisfaction brings pain and negative emotions. This is a big problem not only for the sick person but also for his partner.

Because in the case where the sexual act is accompanied by abnormal signs, you must immediately seek medical help. Perhaps we are talking about a serious disorder that requires specialized care. In this article we will talk about the phenomenon of headache during or right after sex, it can be associated, if this is the norm, when to be alert and how to get rid of this unpleasant symptom.

Causes of headache after sexual intercourse

It should be noted that a completely healthy person not suffering from the pain of the head, which develops after sex, if it happens, especially if it happens regularly, you should suspect that something is wrong.

In medicine to refer to this type of cephalgia there is a separate term – orgasmic, preobrazjenskaya and postorgasmic headache, which corresponds to the period of occurrence of the symptom during sexual intercourse. According to the classification of a cephalalgia belong to the category of other primary headaches, that is the exact reason for this phenomenon often remains unknown.

It should be noted that the name of this symptom is absolutely not shows the reasons of its development, but only specifies when it occurs. Because not enough to establish the diagnosis of orgasmic headache, it is necessary to accurately determine its cause, if possible, to get rid of it and prevent occurrence in the future.

In itself the sexual act is a big load for the body. This is confirmed by the following physiological changes during sex:

  • the release into the blood large doses of adrenaline;
  • increased heart rate, sometimes up to 180 beats per minute;
  • growth

    The nature and mechanism of development of cephalgia after sex

    Consider the basic mechanisms of occurrence orgasmic of headache. There are 3 mechanisms for the development of such cephalgia.

    Tension-type headache

    It plays a role, as muscle tension and emotional. During coitus there is excessive activation of all muscles of the body, especially the head and neck region. This contributes to awkward postures, excessive activity (desire to please partner).

    Types of headache after sex

    There are two main types of headache during and aftercoitus:

    1. Cephalalgia blunt character, that is, moderate headache, which occurs gradually, a person may endure. The most common cause of such feelings – tension-type headache. Often these abnormal sensations start at the beginning of intercourse, gradually increase, but not reach nature intense cephalgia, pain falls on the peak of orgasm. Then its intensity gradually decreases, but disappears a few hours after coitus. The pain is bilateral, symmetric, localized in the neck or in the form of a helmet on his head, has a compressive character.
    2. Cephalalgia explosive character, which may be associated with increased blood pressure (vascular) or intracranial pressure (liquorodynamic). This type of headache is dangerous as, if not eliminate provoking factors (sexual intercourse), may develop severe consequences, for example,

      What to do if headache after sex

      If headache after sex is rare or sporadic, it is likely that a visit to the doctor can be postponed, but if it happens frequently or constantly, to delay medical care impossible.

      Measures to eliminate and preventing orgasmic headache:

      • ;
      • adoption a warm and relaxing shower or bath;
      • posture during sex should be comfortable and not cause excessive muscle tension;
      • to think during intimacy only about pleasant things, to overcome all fears;
      • women to pay attention to oral contraceptives they are taking, maybe it's the side effects of these medications;
      • if a person suffers from hypertension, before having sex be sure to take an extra dose of antihypertensive drugs, and restricted strong physical stress;
      • sex life should be regular.

      Video transmission about the relationship of health and sex:

      If headache during sex delivers strong trouble, repeated constantly or there are other suspicious symptoms of a disease, you should: