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Afobazol — a cure for stress

Stress, anxiety and depression one of the best drugs is considered Afobazol. A distinctive feature of the medicine that he does not have a pronounced sedative effect, does not affect the active brain function. Even during a long course of Afobazol non-addictive, relieves anxiety and stress and has a stimulating effect on the body.

Afobazol, first and foremost, a sedative, not a painkiller, so headaches and the dizziness it helps only if they are caused by high stress, constant anxiety, emotional stress, panic attacks. In all other cases, when the cause of the pain or discomfort trauma, inflammation, spasm, and so on, it is completely useless.

However, doctors often prescribe Afobazol with other drugs when the patient has objective causes pain, and severe stressful situation — problems in the family or at work, a tendency to anxiety, panic attacks as a complication of vegetative-vascular dystonia and other unpleasant things that can interfere with treatment and increase headache.

Dizziness Afobazol helps only when it is associated with the nervous system — the patient is afraid of something, loves, would like to avoid, and the dizziness is psychosomatic reaction to the stress.

The effect of afobazole reduces discomfort and irritability, eliminates the effects of stress and regular nervous tension. The result of exchange rate is the improvement of psycho-emotional and physical condition.

The normalization of the States of mind reduces somatic and cognitive disorders, including muscular, respiratory, and heart spasms.

A course of medication greatly reduces the frequency of occurrence of various disorders of the autonomic system, including dryness, excessive sweating and headaches.

Afobazol is recommended to take to improve memory during a session and exams of the students. To take the drug to take better that will strengthen its effect. Optimal start the medication for 4 weeks prior to exams. The effect lasts about two weeks after the course.

Most often Afobazol prescribed to astenika suffering from suspiciousness and emotional instability.

It has a minimal number of side effects, but suppose to receive only 18 years old. Pregnant women, women during lactation most drugs on the basis of afobazole is contraindicated.

The drug is available only in the form of tablets, is well absorbed and quickly completely removed from the body, making an overdose of the medicine almost impossible. Afobazol starts to be excreted from the body approximately45 minutes after complete resorption.

Afobazol available in tablets of 10 or 25 pieces in blister packs, 30, 50 or 100 tablets in plastic jar.

Indications for use

  • Unexplained bouts of anxiety and stress, bouts of neurasthenia and nervous disorders.
  • Somatic disorders: asthma, lupus,

    Method of application and doses

    Afobazol given orally, after ingestion of food. The dosage should be chosen depending on the physiological and emotional state of a patient by his doctor.

    The daily dosage should not exceed 30 mg. However, in severe disorders of the nervous system, the dose may be increased to 60 mg per day.

    Treatment can range from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the condition of the patient. Also, the doctor may prescribe a second course in 1-2 months after the last drug administration.

    Side effects

    Afobazol can cause allergic reactions, including hives.

    You may experience nausea and vomiting and indigestion. In rare instances there is diarrhoea, constipation or diarrhea.


    The intolerance of the main components of the pills, including lactose.

    The drug is contraindicated in children and adolescents under 18 years of age, pregnant women and nursing mothers. During pregnancy Afobazol is not granted even in the most severe cases, nervous disorders, because its components have a negative impact on fetal development, especially in the early and late stages.

    And since afobazole is excreted in breast milk, in the appointment of a breastfeeding woman is supposed to cease feeding the baby breast milk for the period of medication. To resume breast-feeding is acceptable only 2 weeks after the course termination.

    Interaction with other drugs

    Afobazol has the most pronounced effect when administered simultaneously with nootropics and anxiolytics, e.g. diazepam. To prescribe course and dose needs a doctor.

    In addition, the drug enhances the anticonvulsant effect of the respective drugs and has no influence on the effects of ethanol. However, it is highly recommended to refrain from taking alcohol during treatment with afobazole.


    Significant overdose with this drug is virtually impossible, however, precedents are the place to be. When excessive use occurs afobazole increased sleepiness, there is a confusion of thought and speech. Possible fainting.

    Drug, bringing Afobazol from the body, is not designed as an aid admission benozate of caffeine-sodium twenty percent solution 1ml twice a day subcutaneously.

    The price of afobazole

    No matter how effective Afobazol, price for soothing not too cheap. For a pack of tablets of 60 pieces will have to pay not less than 350 rubles, and smaller packaging contain less than you need for the course, and cost from 200 rubles.


    "Actually, Afobazol – it's not a sedative, and antianxiety. So those who wants to settle down, better to drink Valerian or motherwort. By the way, excellent work VSD-shnik, just to cheer cope with the most unpleasant symptoms. And it also helps to forget about stress and nerves. That's only in the serious depression he's not a helper, so there is only the doctor can help. In General, I think it's a great drug, especially because the price of afobazole normal."

    "During the sessions. Really improves memory, and drowsiness, eternal companion tests and examinations like a hand shoots. And most importantly, quite a cheap means of: 200 rubles for 50 tablets it's a steal! And lasts for the entire session, and does not cause addiction. All students definitely recommend!"

    "No side effects, no anxiety, and the stress I forgot. She was calm and confident, no longer to worry about little things. The most pleasant is the fact that the perpetual bags under my eyes are gone! Look 10 years younger. So all the ladies are extremely advised to drink Afobazol, of course, if you need it."

    "So many ads, and the effect... very strange. The pill, as the manual says, survived only three days. Some strange sense of euphoria, and then head hard like iron. Like a narcotic effect. Want to calm down – better novopassit drink or motherwort. This chemistry is not recommended."