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Analgin headache

Analgin is one of the most popular medicines effectively relieves inflammation and fever. Has a pronounced analgesic effect. Available in capsules and tablets, but also in the form of suppositories (for children) and in solution for injection.

Dipyrone is the most common analgesic, applied in tension-type headache, pain from overwork, stress. Works best against pains of muscles and nerve endings of the head, neuralgia and neuritis. Recommended if the patient received a head injury that caused the pain, since aspirin also reduces inflammation. It is good and in cases when the head aches during flu, colds or due to a toothache, but do not apply it to women before and during menstruation, it is better to choose a drug that struggling with spasms. Not helping for pain and migraines and pain caused by taking a variety of medicines, on the contrary, it can strengthen it.

Against dizziness analgin powerless, regardless of what their cause. It reduces the pain but does not affect the operation of vessels and muscles, and therefore to get rid of vertigo will have to use another drug.


Prevents the appearance of pain, by blocking the impulses in the nervous system. Improves heat transfer making it an effective antipyretic. It has antispasmodic effects on the smooth muscle of the genitourinary system. The action of dipyrone appears 20 minutes after oral administration, 10 minutes after intramuscular injection. Completely cure manifests itself in 2-3 hours.

Indications for use

  1. Fever caused by infection or inflammation, and insect bites and post-transfusion complications.
  2. Pain syndrome of different severity.
  3. Neuralgia,


    1. Hypersensitivity and Allergy to the drug components.
    2. A bad or impaired hematopoietic function.
    3. Cardiac, hepatic or renal failure.
    4. Anemia.
    5. Pregnancy and lactation.

    It is not recommended intravenously administered to people with

    Side effects

    1. Malfunction of the kidneys.
    2. The occurrence of Allergy, including anaphylactic shock.
    3. The occurrence of clots in blood vessels.
    4. Reduction


      1. Dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.
      2. Drowsiness, apathy.
      3. Method of application and doses

        Special indications

        In the treatment of children under 5 years, ingestion of dipyrone is allowed only on prescription. Hypersensitivity to metamizol sodium (the main active ingredient of the medicine), is extremely rare. However, the possibility ofanaphylactic shock in a child or intravenous administration of the drug significantly higher.

        Patients with asthma are at high risk for allergies.

        Perhaps not only fever, but also chills, sore throat and stomatitis. When such side effects of aspirin you should immediately stop taking it.

        In any case do not apply analgin for pain for acute pain in the abdomen without diagnosis.

        Apply dipyrone during pregnancy is not recommended, however, doctor's instructions and allowed a one-time use of the drug. On lactation from taking aspirin should be abandoned completely.

        With regular intake of dipyrone (over 5 days) is required to regularly donate blood to the peripheral analysis.

        Intramuscular or intravenous pain medication may color the urine red. It looks scary, but no significance for health has not.

        Interaction with other drugs

        When injected analgin cannot be mixed in the same syringe with other medications.

        During the course of dipyrone is forbidden to take alcoholic drinks.

        Barbiturates significantly reduce the effectiveness of the drug, so if you assign such medicines, analgin better to replace it with another similar drug.

        Sedative substances, on the contrary, enhance the analgesic action of dipyrone.

        Price for Analgin

        The price of ordinary analgin tablets kept in the range of 10 rubles per blister of ten tablets. Packs of 20 tablets cost 30-40 rubles, because, in addition to blisters, the cost is added cardboard box. Standard packing with ampoules costs from 100 rubles more expensive as you increase the number of ampoules in a pack. in General this drug is one of the most cost effective and available to everyone. He is always there in the pharmacies at smallest price.


        "Yes, analgin has a lot of contraindications, and a list of side effects can be frightening. Well, almost all similar drugs have the same properties. But analgin tested and is familiar for all of us. My mother was successfully treated by it from toothache. And her mother too. And these newfangled drugs tested on mice, no better. But still causes allergies. Anyway, I'm from cold sores will not give up. When all sorts of modern pills do not help, it copes very well."

        "I only treated for pain and pain. Know now expensive medicines are frequently counterfeited. And to forge a cheap analgin no sense, so I only take it. Great help: what toothpaste from headaches. I believe that this is the most effectivepainkillers."

        "Personally, I analginum does not help. At all. No way. Any results from taking it I do not see. Although the instruction says that this is just an excellent pain reliever that actually cure everything from a toothache to sore muscles. That's just for some reason I have it is not valid. One pill drink at least two. The husband claims that he analginum helps the most. I think it's better to let the drug will be more expensive, but effective. And the list of side effects of aspirin... No, I do not drink and children will not give."