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Askofen headache

Askofen take when you need to reduce inflammation, remove pain and to suppress a painful weakness. This multifunctional product helps as headache and dizziness under reduced pressure, colds and stress.

It is composed of aspirin, caffeine and paracetamol, which allows him to effectively deal with pain, inflammation and elevated body temperature. After his admission passes weakness and drowsiness, my head doesn't hurt anymore.

Varieties Askofena

There are three different composition and dosage, with a little difference on the effects of drug Askofen. For each individual indications and contraindications, side effects, so it is important not to forget reading the directions and not to forget the right dosage.

Askofen-Darnitsa is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, it cannot be taken 24 hours before and after drinking alcohol. Medication shown taken with great caution to patients prone to allergic reactions.

Askofen L contains caffeine, so it is not prescribed to people with increased excitability and is not indicated for children because it can cause insomnia and anxiety. With other medications it is taken with caution, as it enhances their effect, especially drugs affecting hematopoiesis and the condition of the blood.

Askofen-P should not be taken together with sleeping pills, alcohol, anticonvulsants and rifampicin, any salicylate. Breastfeeding mothers undergoing treatment with this drug, you need to stop breast-feeding.


Askofen prescribed for severe pain of different origin. Arthralgia, neuralgia, toothache, dysmenorrhea, pain, stress and other readings, including poor health with colds and rheumatism, fevers are indications for admission askofena.


Take Askofen at best-time – to relieve the troublesome symptoms. To do this, one tablet is enough, after half an hour there will come a noticeable relief to the state. Regular use will not cure, and also only relieves the symptoms, so this should be made if necessary courses of not more than five days every two months, taking three tablets a day, morning, afternoon and evening. All other variations of this drug must appoint a physician as an individual dosage.

It should be remembered that the maximum daily dose – 6 tablets (over several sessions). Excess dosage can cause very serious and life-threatening side effects.

What is important – Askofen necessarily need a lot to drink, and the course of treatment should be accompanied by copious drinking. On one tabletit shall be at least 300-400 ml of fluid.

Side effects

Side effects Askofena, like any other complex preparation, very much. An unexpected effect can occur in literally any system of the body. Each manufacturer of this medication is somewhat different composition, so that the side effects each species has its own. Here are some of them:

  • Allergies;
  • Anaphylactic shock;
  • Hypoglycemia before switching into a coma;
  • Pain in the abdomen;
  • Contraindications

    Contraindications to the Askofena hard – any problems with the liver, kidneys, the likelihood of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, ulcers to the gastrointestinal tract,


    The price of Askofen very affordable, and we are talking about all types of drug. The average price for a pack of Askofena rarely reaches 50 rubles, small packages and all are sold for 20 rubles. Blisters regular, plastic – perhaps that is why the price does not rise.


    "Askofen do good when the pain is severe when you all break and have a fever. Helps, take one pill, washed down and wait, after a few minutes it becomes better. It helps me at work when you can't take time off to stay home sick, and feel broken don't want to. Price Askofen great – the same coldex and fervency are much more expensive."

    "Too many contraindications of the drug, so I wouldn't drink it for headaches, but only if the pain is really strong. Last time I took it after a visit to the dentist, my doctor warned me to drink it for the pain, that was not temperature and swelling around the tooth asleep quickly. Although the price I like, only 30 rubles – there would be so many contraindications, it would be a great pain reliever."

    "Helps me not keeping pace. The price is great, but a little confused – when you feel dizzy and got a headache from it, she starts to spin and hurt even more, but still my heart is beating like crazy. Doctor that I recommend it, suggested to try a different form of the same medication, but I have something I'm afraid to feel bad."