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An Advil for a headache

Citramon is one of analgesics "on all occasions". Many ordinary people believe that, if her somewhere, temperature – you need to take a pill and everything goes. One of these "magic pills" is considered and an Advil.

The tablets, like other analgesics like dipyrone, up Pentalgin,

How it works

This drug is not a narcotic and not extracted from narcotic raw materials. It is analgesic remedy relieves the pain. He is multi-component and combined, thereby achieving efficiency.

Acetylsalicylic acid is not available in all prescriptions medications, however, is one of the main active components as share in the tablet and effect. It helps reduce the internal temperature of the body, fights inflammation, eases pain, stimulates blood circulation via inhibition of the processes of blood clotting.

Indications for use of tablets

Mild pain following origin: toothache, headache, muscle spasms during menstruation, symptoms of fever in influenza, acute respiratory infections and all other diseases associated with inflammation and infection.

Side effects and contraindications

Despite the fact that among patients in recent years is famous as a safe analgesic", it has a long list of side effects, many of which could provoke a serious deterioration of the patient.

The tablets can provoke:

  1. Problems with the cardiovascular system: bleeding due to poor blood clotting.
  2. Problems with the nervous system: headache and

    Price category

    Citramon is one of the most affordable analgesics – the cost starts from 3-4 rubles for 10 tablets a normal box and ends with a price of 100 roubles for concentrated drug in a modern blisters. For the most part, the final amount is not only affected by structure, as the packing, so the price of the Tablets remains the budget.


    "For a long time treated pain syndrome Advil now "hooked" on it – if you do not drink a tablet a day, headache. Very excited, so will only hurt yourself, but do not want to endure the headache, as the job required a clear mind. I read that this may be due to the caffeine in the pills."

    "I have gastritis and the doctor said now take the tablets I do not. And headache I helps only he, and the rest, even the expensive ones, do not give such effect. What to do is unclear. Tried to pick up analogue, but you have to increase the dosage for the same effect, but almost all the analgesics hit the stomach."

    The Advil helps me a lot – worthto pribolet as take the pill and become Superman – the head clear, the brain works and nothing hurts. And, of course, very pleased that it is universal (and against cold, and against pain), and is not expensive. But I choose only the tablets, which is composed of citric acid, it works much faster and better, because the usual tablets start acting at least half an hour."