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Cavinton pressure

Cavinton is a very effective drug that expands blood vessels and improves cerebral blood supply. However, it does not instantly, but gradually, during the entire time of treatment and has lasting effects. So Cavinton from the pressures to make pointless, but it can significantly improve your health if you have problems

The Effect Of Cavinton

The state of the cells of the brain directly depends on how well they receive the blood, carrying nutrients and oxygen needed for energy. Coordination, sensation, speech, memory and thinking – it all depends on the condition of the vessel. Cavinton expands them, and normalizing


Your doctor may prescribe Cavinton if the patient has discovered or is suspected:

  • Encephalopathy (main diagnosis);
  • Stroke;
  • Headache and

    The dosage and course of treatment

    The dosage from 20 mg and gradually increased to 50 mg or other value. It depends on the body weight of the patient, so to calculate it yourself – it is impossible that this should be done by a doctor. In overdose washed stomach and appoint absorbent – usually activated carbon.

    The usual course of treatment lasts two weeks, followed by dose adjustment or replacement of the drug. A single dose of medication has almost no noticeable results. It should be remembered that until a therapeutic effect is used, the medicine in ampoules and then the patient goes to the tablet mode about 2 pills for each meal. Also pills prescribed for recurrent disease.

    Side effects

    The main side effect, occurring in all patients, without exception – a slight decrease in blood pressure. But, in addition, can be observed:

    • Abnormal heart rhythm arrhythmia, tachycardia;
    • Nausea and dizziness;
    • Redness of the face;
    • At the injection site – inflammation of the venous wall and thrombosis;
    • Allergies.


    The active ingredient of the drug – Vinpocetine – may cause an allergic reaction, so at the first signs of discomfort after taking, you need to seek professional medical help.

    Otherwise, use it impossible for those who have diseases of vessels passed into the acute form or have the risk to go in the near future – this applies to patients with hemorrhagic stroke, cardiac ischemia, arrhythmia and tachycardia and other dangerous conditions. The vasodilation in this case could trigger deadly health consequences.

    As Cavinton has the ability to penetrate the placenta and destroy it, causingbleeding and causing miscarriage, it is strictly prohibited to make pregnant. Nursing mothers it is also not recommended – the tool passes into breast milk and could be dangerous for the baby. To children till 18 years it is not indicated at all.

    Interaction with other substances

    Cavinton can significantly reduce blood pressure when using it with any other medication. It is prohibited dilution of the drug in firstword with amino acids and heparin.

    At the discretion of the physician remains the use it together with medications, thinning the blood and reducing its clotting – for the most part it is forbidden, but sometimes, with great caution and in small doses, is used. The same clinical picture when combined with medications for arrhythmia – it may increase their action, and block it.

    Receiving Cavinton impossible with any product containing ethanol. These include new drugs, and alcoholic beverages – moreover, because this prohibition even used drug for the treatment of alcohol dependence at different stages.

    But there are drugs that combines the use of which is absolutely no face – is beta-blockers, acenocoumarol, digoxin, clopamide and some similar.


    The cost of "Cavinton" depends not so much on the release forms of the drug, but from the size of the stack and dosage. The minimum dosage in tablets of 5 mg in a pack of 50 pieces will cost you 250 rubles on average, ampoules 50 mg in a pack of 10 pieces – within 400 rubles. So the price of Cavinton can not be called cheap and affordable.

    However, there is another kind of drug – Cavinton Forte. He has more dosage, a slightly modified composition, therefore, the action is faster and the result more visible. But the price increases – the cost Cavinton Forte ranges from 300 to 1 000 rubles per pack of the drug.

    The only thing that pleases – the price is not affected by the material packs and blisters. This is the usual cardboard boxes, and standard plastic blisters. Capsules – the most simple of dark brown glass.

    Reviews of Cavinton

    "Great tool, but not instant. I stabbed him in hospital, after a course there comes a strong improvement if to drink tablets after discharge – 'll be good as new. One minus – the price of Cavinton bite, to drink it constantly can not afford. Of course, a small dose of less worth, and a great prevention is not necessary, but could move it easier. The rest – everything is fine."

    "I did not help. Instead of the coveted improvements had probably the almost all side effects that he has. Of low blood pressure could not stand up, ear noise, in the heart of the disruptions, his head was spinning much. Maybe it was just the doctor made a mistake and itnot my medication, but the indication for hearing loss due to violations of cerebral circulation it did not help me, and the price of it sky-high."

    "I really praised this medicine and actually get zilch. It does not take away any headaches or effects of a stroke. A little bit helps symptomatically noise in my ears and the ripples in the eyes less, it is a fact, but everything else was pretty sad. It is also impossible to drive doctor banned because Cavinton reduces attention. Low blood pressure me too inappropriate, so I am unhappy. And the price for a pack he's got a huge, ampoules, tablets.

    "Cavinton – best remedy for encephalopathy. I have a disability and menopause it's unfortunate, many of the manifestations of functional disorders of the hands bad move, there are problems with coordination in mind makes a lot of noise and hypertension tortured. In the hospital the doctor prescribed Cavinton, a week received a week the pill. Now I feel great, get up in the morning easily, and used to spend hours lying, trying to stop the pain and dizziness. With side effects also no problem, no allergies, no interruptions in the heart. Yes, medication is expensive, but the money it's worth."