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Mydocalm headache in cervical osteochondrosis

The drug Mydocalm is a muscle relaxant remedy muscle relaxing. It is manufactured in form of tablets of white or light colors, in a dosage of 50 and 150 mg hydrochloride tolperisone. Besides it, the tablet contains lactose, tal, citric and stearic acid, microcellulose and dyes. Can also be a solution for intramuscular and intravenous injections.

Best Mydocalm struggling with the headache of the tension — as a means of relaxing muscles, it for 20 minutes completely stops the attack. It is also good as a remedy for spasm of muscles or vessels relaxing them, it effectively combats discomfort. Because Mydocalm is used in different types of want to choose form of medication depending on how severe pain — the solution should be used only in very severe attacks, tablets are also suitable for a less painful situations.

Most often Mydocalm is indicated for degenerative disc disease and it causes neck and headaches and dizziness. Along with such drugs as

How it works

Still it is not known exactly how works Mydocalm. In addition to its muscle relaxant properties, it stabilizes the intercellular membrane, creates a local anaesthetic, and has a adrenoblokiruyuschee spasmolytic.

Mydocalm take immediately after a meal, drinking a pill with water. To chew it is not necessary. After taking the pill she was completely absorbed in the stomach and reaches its peak of action after half an hour. Products of metabolism are excreted from the body together with the liquid.

  • Children 3-6 years of medication is calculated by weight at the rate of 5 mg per kilogram of body weight, given the fact that they will receive the daily dose, you want to drink in 3 divided doses.
  • Children 7-14 years old the daily dose is calculated 2-4 mg per kilogram of body weight, also in 3 divided doses.
  • Children 14 years and adults dosage is calculated according to the rate of 5 mg 2-3 times a day for the first few days, then the dose can be increased and brought up to 150 mg with the same frequency.

Need less injections – intramuscular lead of 200 mg for two doses, intravenously, 100 mg per day, one at a time. By the way, in exceptional cases, Mydocalm prick children from 3 months after birth, but in individual dosage.

Side effects and contraindications

So far nothing is known about the overdoses Midokalma. In such situation it is recommended to wash out the stomach and see a specialist to deal with the symptoms. Same sad situation with the data about the influence of the drug on the mother and child during pregnancy or breast-feeding, so the doctors just recommend to refrain from them during this period. Theoretically, the most dangerous is called the period of pregnancy up to 12 weeks, after which the risks tothe child is significantly reduced.

Known cases when a child received 600мг of the drug and did not demonstrate toxic poisoning, but when testing drugs on animals it was found that had overdosed on the drug causes ataxia, convulsions, respiratory paralysis and death.


  • Pathology of the muscles with increased tone due to damage to the Central nervous system (probably as a complication of multiple sclerosis or stroke).
  • Muscle contractures, muscle spasms and frequent as a result of complications in the affected organ movement (arthrosis, spondylosis, lumbar or cervical syndrome).
  • Encephalopathy complicated by disorders of muscle functions (e.g. DCCP).
  • Recovery after the vascular occlusive nature.
  • Recovery after lesions of the innervation of blood vessels.
  • Post-operative recovery.

Despite the fact that Mydocalm is released in pharmacies by prescription and requires vigilant medical monitoring method, it is one of the safest drugs in its class action. It does not interfere with driving, does not enter the patient into a sleepy state, allows to maintain the same lifestyle as before. However, he does not "spoil" the liver and kidneys, has no effect on the blood and its metabolites excreted in the water, and the drug is almost completely falling apart, does not accumulate in the "filters" of the body. Repeated courses of therapy are also not worsen the situation. It facilitates movement and can be assigned to children from three years of facilitating the hypertonicity even children are affected by child (spastic) cerebral palsy.

The price of drugs

Cost of a pack Midokalma with 30 blisters varies from 200 to 300 rubles, which makes it extremely accessible to the population. Of course, if you consider the fact how rare it can be administered and its nobhodimo, to establish the real price category for this miorelaksaciu hard enough. At the moment there is no cheaper and more effective drugs that could replace it, or to provoke a price reduction. On the other hand, the ceiling of costs 300 rubles is clearly not the ultimate medicine for this operation, although finding a similar Miodula in the absence of contraindications, the breadth of the actions and minimizing harm to health is very difficult, even if we consider expensive.


"Good medicine, almost harmless. Treat them now the daughter with DCCP, it is much easier to move and does not hurt almost, we are very happy. Yes, the price is not cheap, but it's worth it. Maybe someday will come up with the same effective nearly free medicines, or now have analogues, but we are still better touch base, what will changetherapy."

"The doctor prescribed me Mydocalm after a botched operation on his hands, now elbow bone, and almost as e moves. But while the pills are working, you can more or less move. Let him not ten rubles in the store is, but it can be used to heal and feel better."

"The doctor prescribed this Mydocalm, after literally the first day of use I got sick – on the skin appeared red spots, it was hard to breathe, I was taken away in an ambulance. Now, and I don't drink, and others do not recommend, because this had never been a single drug. After the doctors found out that I have an Allergy to lidocaine, but still, do not person to warn that he might die?"

"Despite the fact that advertising on the streets and on TV doctors and patients the drug mydocalm very good. After a couple of days of routine inspection I really recommend it, but I almost do not feel the changes even if the arm moves freely, I'm not much of a difference to notice. Feel like pills from chalk to eat, and nothing inside. Yes, they are good because health is not hurt, but why do they need if this does not help? Three hundred rubles to just give something you do not want"