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Pepto for a headache

To relieve the spasm that causes pain, very often use preparations containing drotaverine. One of the most popular drugs of this type – but-shpa. Most often it is used to relieve pain during the critical days in women, but no-Spa has a broader range of applications.

No-Spa is a very effective remedy for headaches and dizziness. It relieves the discomfort very quickly, in five minutes after the reception starts relief, and half an hour later have no painful symptoms. Unlike conventional analgesics, this drug relieves spasms of the muscles and blood vessels, relaxing them. It does not matter what the attack began sharply narrowed vessels had a spasm of the muscles, the blood in large volume has moved to the lower part of the body and started getting dizzy, had a head injury, no-Spa helps in all of these cases.

Dizziness when taking shpy is fast enough, because the drug dilates blood vessels and improves the movement of blood on them. As a result, the brain does not experience oxygen starvation and discomfort stop.

Most often this drug is recommended to women due to exposure to spasm.

As a rule, no-Spa is sold in tablets, but there are other dosage forms capsules and solution for injection.

Regardless of the method of production, the main constituent of the shpy is drotaverine and the number of auxiliary elements (for tablets). As a rule, it is everywhere applicable components: talc, lactose, corn starch, etc.

Pharmacology of drugs

No-Spa is a potent antispasmodic with a long action. By reducing the tone of smooth muscles, the medicine not only completely removes the spasm, but also dilates blood vessels. The main difference between the drug and other similar drugs is that it has no negative effects on the Central nervous system and cause serious side effects. In oral administration takes effect within 15-20 minutes, when injected through 2-5 minutes.

No-Spa is rapidly absorbed, distributed to tissues evenly, quickly penetrates into the cells of smooth muscles. Since the drug is able to penetrate through the placenta, during pregnancy it can be used only in accordance with the medical recommendations.

Excreted from the body completely within 72 hours after ingestion.

Indications for use

  1. A spasm occurring in the muscles of internal organs (kidney, stomach or intestinal colic, cholecystitis, biliary tract disease).
  2. Pyelitis.
  3. Spastic constipation or colitis.
  4. The acute phase of gastric ulcer.
  5. Endarteritis.
  6. Spasm of the arteries.
  7. The risk of miscarriage or premature birth, uterinespasm, postpartum contractions.
  8. Pain during menstruation.
  9. Contraindications

    1. Hypersensitivity to the drug.
    2. Severe heart, kidney or liver failure.
    3. Side effects

      1. Dizziness, nausea.
      2. Heart palpitations.
      3. Fever, increased sweating.
      4. Reduction

        Method of application and dosage

        1. Adults: 40-80 mg three times per day. Renal colic is intravenous, vascular spasm – intra.
        2. Children to 6 years: 10-20 mg at a time. The maximum daily dose for a child of this age is 120 mg. medication.
        3. Children 6 to 12 years: 20 mg. at a time. Maximum daily dose of 200 mg.
        4. Children over 12 years the drug can be taken as an adult.

        If the drug occurs without medical advice, the duration of treatment should not exceed 2 days. In that case, if during this time the pain syndrome keeps coming back, you need to seek professional help for correct diagnosis and prescribing the right treatment.

        When relief of pain accompanying ulcer Nospanum take in conjunction with specialized drugs. During the medication it is necessary to refuse transport management classes and other potentially dangerous activities that require high concentration and quick reactions.

        Part no-Spa drotaverine significantly reduces the effect of levodopa (a medicine used to reduce symptoms of Parkinson's disease). Also no-Spa significantly improves the effect of other spasmolytics, lowers blood pressure and inhibits the action of antidepressants.


        But-shpa, the price of which is not available to all, it is very popular, which is why many pharmacies raise the price tag even more. Usual packing tablets, 60 pieces no-Spa costs 200 — 250 roubles, the most convenient 100 tablets — up to 300 rubles, a packet of vials of 25 pieces — not less than 500 rubles.


        "In my opinion, this is the most mild pain reliever that can be taken at a critical moment, and which, moreover, has no unpleasant side effects. Always helps me and almost immediately. For mild pain operates perfectly, but strong sometimes you have to drink the second pill. Intravenous apply Nospanum not tried, and do not want opt for a couple of pills than to take injections."

        "A few years ago she literally saved me from horrible pain in the female: the pain was gone literally 10 minutes after application. But then came the addictive, or something like that: now from shpy no avail. When after a few hours the pain finally passes, I do not understand: whether the verypassed, if the medicine still worked. Another minus shpy: it causes terrible nausea. Recently want to abandon it, to try other drugs."

        "First, for mild pain Nospanum still helps. Secondly, convenient packaging 100 pieces of tablets can take it with you wherever you go. There is packing and a smaller number of tablets, this provides for suspension system: box is not disclosed and is not falling apart, the most comfortable cans, of which the pills fall out when pressed. Well, and of course the relatively low price in the region of 200 rubles make Nospanum best for me the antispasmodic."