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Novopassit — anxiety pills.

Novopassit belongs to the group of sedative drugs that rapidly affect the nervous system, relieve anxiety and help with insomnia.

In addition, doctors prescribe this medicine for headaches of tension, irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, during menopause or menopause, when fatigue and irritability. Considered one of the most effective drugs of its kind, is not addictive and quickly relieves the symptoms of most neurological disorders.

Novo-passit helps with headaches, if it is caused by increased nervous irritability, psycho-emotional stress, stress, overwork. He also works well against the pain the pressure arising from the long still being in an awkward posture, poorly positioned computer monitor, small font or details.

Relieves dizziness in that case, if they are directly associated with fear and anxiety, strong emotions, phobias and even panic attacks. Treatment Novo-passit helps for a long time to get rid of these unpleasant symptoms.

Unfortunately, this drug is not analgesic or stimulant, he only calms the nervous system. He is able to help from high blood pressure and associated discomfort only when it rose from the psycho-emotional reasons.

Formulated with plant-derived components do not contain chemicals and compounds that adversely affect the health of the patient. Part novopassit includes such well-known herbal sedative as Valerian, lemon balm, St. John's wort and hops. The medication comes in two forms: in the form of a solution for internal ingestion and in the form of coated tablets.

Syrupy solution has a brown color and distinctive herbal smell. During storage, a precipitate may form. Tablets are biconvex shape, purity film cover greenish hue.

Method of application and doses

The drug is taken orally during or before meals, three times a day, in strict accordance with the instructions.

Indications for use

  • Fatigue and excessive tension and hypertonicity.
  • Unfounded fears, anxiety, memory disorders.
  • Sleep disorders, mild forms of insomnia.
  • Tension headaches: the feeling of pressing the "helmet" around the head.
  • Contraindications

    Novopassit can not be used for children up to 12 years, as well as people suffering from hypersensitivity to the plant and additional components of the drug. The same contraindication is male (even if she has a history).

    With caution you should usenovopassit patients with acute and ulcerative diseases of the stomach and intestines, liver disease, alcoholism. Only by prescription this drug is allowed for treatment of patients with injuries or diseases of the brain, as well as those who suffer from epileptic seizures.

    During pregnancy, the drug may be applied only in accordance with doctor's prescription if the benefit to the mother outweighs the possible risk to the child. Especially careful to use a medicine need the first and last trimesters of pregnancy.

    If a medication is prescribed during lactation, the breastfeeding child needs to stop before the end of the course. The best would be to renew it two weeks after last taking the medicine.

    Side effects

    In most cases, novopassit not cause any side effects.

    However, in some cases, intolerance of components or overdose, you may experience an allergic reaction, appear sleepy,


    There is a feeling of drowsiness and emotional distress. You may experience nausea and muscle weakness, heaviness in the stomach.

    In case of heartburn is required gastric lavage.

    Interaction with other drugs

    In order to establish the possibility of using other funds during the period of treatment with novopassit, you should consult with your doctor.

    The drug significantly enhances the effect of alcohol on the Central nervous system, so drinking it is better to refrain.

    Medications designed to relax the muscles, increase the side effects novopassit, particularly the effect of muscle weakness.

    Plant substances reduce the effectiveness of hormonal contraception, and virtually neutralize drugs designed to reduce the risk of rejection of foreign tissue after transplantation. Reduces the effectiveness of drugs for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system and circulatory system.

    People with sensitive or fair skin just need to reduce sun exposure to a minimum and to give up going to the Solarium, because the components of the drug reinforce the negative impact of UV on the skin pigmentation and/or rapid burning.

    In the case of symptoms and increasing side effects or the occurrence of other adverse reactions, you need to consult a doctor.

    You should not drive or do other things that require high concentration of attention.

    The cost of the drug

    The drug Novopassit, the price of which varies from 130 to nearly 700 rubles, with a capacity from 10 to 60 tablets the more tablets per pack, the price is higher. The cost of the solution is 200 — 300 rubles forbottle.


    "I met with the medication a couple of years ago when I went to UNIVERSITY. Nightmare stress and emotions. In General, my mom told me to drink novopassit syrup. Since then, before each session, drinking the drug. Sleepiness not the cause, no matter what anyone said. Take in a bottle of 100 ml is enough for me. Is inexpensive, around 150-160 rubles, without prescription."

    "Drink novopassit for a long time, since high school. Exams, stress and all. Drink one pill three times a day, the effect is simply amazing! No anxiety, no stress, all the bad thoughts disappear somewhere. But there is a wonderful sense of calm and confidence. And it helps against insomnia. Importantly, in the only natural herbs, no chemicals. I tried the syrup but I didn't like him, bitter to some, unpleasant. But the pills are going to "cheers". All the suffering from unnecessary worries suggest to take this wonderful drug!"

    "Personally, I novopassit did not help. And it tastes nasty, and no good. The effect is zero, tried to increase the dose, sensations of euphoria, which should not be, have a sedative even! In short, to use any, only money. Better good old Valerian to be treated."