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Nurofen for a headache

Nurofen – a quality product for the relief of pain, fever and inflammation. It is fast acting and retains its effect for a long time. The main ingredient of the medication is

Indications for use

This drug is used for inflammations of different types, as well as degenerative disorders of the locomotor apparatus. In addition, Nurofen helps in the following cases:

  • When removing pain diseases types of arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout.
  • When removing pain syndromes


    Nurofen is contraindicated in people with hypersensitivity or Allergy to the drug components.

    In addition, it cannot be taken for ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, "aspirinova" asthma, with poor blood clotting.

    During pregnancy and lactation the use of Nurofen is possible only with the permission of the doctor.

    To take the medicine with caution and only with the permission of the doctor should people with liver disease and those who have a history of peptic ulcer disease of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis or colitis, various diseases of the circulatory system, unstable blood pressure, kidney failure and enteritis.

    Children under 12 years are advised not to take solid forms of medication inside, and children up to six months – and even suspension. In General, children under the first year of life Nurofen can only be given by prescription.

    Side effects

    • Stomach upset: heartburn, vomiting, nausea, cramps in the stomach.
    • Severe sweating.
    • Dryness or pain in the mouth.
    • Pancreatitis or hepatitis.
    • Shortness of breath.
    • Spasm in the bronchi.
    • Application and dosage

      Nurofen in the form of tablets or capsules ingested after meals. The maximum daily adult dose is 1.2 grams a day with moderate pain syndrome. If spondylitis medicine is taken at the 800 mg three times a day for injuries – up to 2.4 grams per day on prescription.

      For children over 12 years: the maximum daily dose of Advil is 1 gram per day.

      Children under 6 months of medication is contraindicated. Children from 6 months to 1 year the drug is issued only on prescription in the doctor, not more than 50 mg three times a day. With 1 to 3 years the maximum daily dose is 100 mg, from 4 to 6 years – 150 mg. Children 7 to 9 years is prescribed Nurofen 200 mg three times a day, with 10 to 12 years – 300 mg three times a day.

      Special instructions

      While taking the drug requires medical supervision. You need to regularly test you for the condition of the blood and liver. During treatment so you need to abandon all activities that require concentration and quick response. Contraindicated alcohol and psychotropic drugs and other similardrugs.

      Use medication combined with other medicines and drugs are permissible only with a doctor's prescription. The taking Advil during pregnancy and lactation undesirable, but may be for example a doctor's permission.

      The price of Nurofen

      There are "child" and "adult" neurologist. The price of Nurofen for children at least 100 — 200 rubles for a bottle of 100 ml, with strawberry and orange flavor drug may cost differently. Tablets for children six years cost about 100 rubles. Adults appoint, as a rule, tablets, their value depends on the drug (standard, Neo, Lady, Forte and so on) and the number of tablets per pack, so the price is equal to from 100 to 400 rubles. Rectal suppositories are also about 100 rubles. A special kind of Nurofen in the form of a gel cost 150 — 200 roubles.


      "The best pain relievers I have tried. Almost instantly relieves headaches, although, of course, over time it acts more slowly. But I believe that Nurofen is the best of its kind, to refuse it is not going to. However, the list of side effects impressive and quite frightening. Being overcautious, I guess."

      "Really helps me, especially during the critical days. The pain is such that on the wall to climb it, and Nurofen allows twenty minutes later forget about the problem. Especially good when you had time. Just felt the first symptoms of a swallowed capsule, and pain even appear in no time. Still regularly take it for headaches too really helps. And when his teeth hurt, and to walk to the dentist right now not to drink Nurofen."

      "Suspension for children is great. Very quickly relieves fever, no fever this has no effect. And like a child: it is as tasty as syrup. In General, I think baby Nurofen is an essential thing for young parents! She drink it, if you have a headache. Of course, "children's dose", and in two or three times more, but it works almost instantly."