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Paracetamol for a headache

Headache is able to unsettle and change the rhythm of life. Fortunately, quite often a headache is just pain occurred on the background of fatigue or stress, and rather quickly. In some cases it becomes a symptom of a serious disease, and therefore, if you have regular headaches you should consult a doctor.

When treatment is required to eliminate the cause, however, and pain to endure is not worth it. In order to get rid of the annoying pain, it is best to take the right medicine that will help to quickly relieve pain. However, it is not necessary to start with strong analgesics: it is enough more available and easy cures, not much affecting the health of other internal organs. Most often headaches used paracetamol.

The description of the drug

Paracetamol as analgesics are used in almost all European countries. It acetaminophen, which is the main active ingredient of the drug, is part of the other advertised brands. Well-known Efferalgan is exactly the same paracetamol, only in a different package and much more.

This is a non-steroidal (non-hormonal) drug, which reduces inflammation and high temperature. In addition, paracetamol is a remedy that attacks the symptoms but their causes has no effect. Therefore, to treat the disease paracetamol pointless: the body fairly quickly develops a tolerance to the components and ceases to perceive it as a pain reliever.

The drug comes in tablets, solutions for internal use, capsules, syrups and even in capsules. You can buy it everywhere, paracetamol without prescription and the advice of experts.

Application for headache

Paracetamol is used for reducing fever, and relieving the pain syndrome with headache and toothache, with pain arising from injuries and burns. Some of this drug helps in migraine, significantly lowering the level of pain.

The main reason of eliminating the headache when paracetamol is that this drug affects the blood vessels, making them more flexible and elastic, as well as expanding and restoring normal blood flow. As is often the headache occurs because of narrowing of the blood vessels, paracetamol helps to quickly get rid of this problem.

Paracetamol is perfectly digested and enters the bloodstream from the digestive tract within half an hour after the drug orally.

In order to eliminate the headache, paracetamol should be taken immediately after food, while drinking plenty of water. During taking the pillscan't drink coffee and other beverages containing caffeine: from this severely affected the liver.

If paracetamol is used without the doctor's advice, single dose should not exceed 1 gram and not more than four times per day. Give paracetamol to children under 12 years are not recommended but may be allowed with a doctor's permission. Children up to 3 years this product is contraindicated.

If you are not sure whether to take it to paracetamol, consult a specialist. Indicate which diseases you have had any allergies to any medications. Of course, paracetamol is considered to be a very gentle drug that dovetails with other tablets, it is better not to take it to people suffering from peptic ulcer disease or those taking barbiturates.

Contraindications and side effects

Like all drugs, paracetamol affects the liver. Overdose of the drug may lead to failure of that organ, necrosis and even death, so use paracetamol should be strictly in accordance with the user manual and not exceeding the indicated dose.

Also improper intake and high doses of paracetamol can lead to acute liver disease or gastrointestinal tract. If you have a history of or active phase of the disease, the type of cirrhosis or hepatitis from paracetamol should be abandoned.

Negative reaction to an overdose of acetaminophen can begin even in that case, if you exceed the daily dose of 1-2 grams. Therefore, closely monitor the amount of alcohol consumed tablets or injections given.

Those who suffer from asthma or bronchial diseases, before taking this medication, you must consult your doctor, as some components of the drug can increase bronchial spasm. Most often, this unpleasant side effect causes high sensitivity of the patient to acetylsalicylic acid in medicine.

Large doses of paracetamol negatively affect the immune and endocrine systems and interfere with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

Regular use of alcohol on paracetamol as a pain reliever for headaches so it is better to refuse. In this case, you may develop kidney failure. If other medicines to eliminate the headache at hand, to use paracetamol only 12 hours after the last intake of alcohol and washed down a pill with plenty of water. Also it is recommended to eat to paracetamol did not cause adverse reactions in the stomach.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding to use paracetamol, fortunately, it is possible, however, smaller doses and no more than twice a day. If youdoubt whether to use this drug during this period, consult with a specialist. It should be noted that pregnancy and lactation – the time in which to be very careful to take any medicine.

Thus, paracetamol is an effective, but single drug, regular use of which can cause extremely negative consequences, especially for the liver. If you have


It is a traditional medicine are extremely cheap. The price of paracetamol is always small, which makes it one of the most popular drugs, although he seldom assigned doctors. At the pharmacy you can buy a pack of 10 tablets for only 5 rubles, and the most expensive item with a similar name will cost 20-30 rubles, and tablets there will be 20. Of course, analogues and widely advertised drugs with him in the lineup are much more expensive.


"My mother talked about how harmful regular paracetamol. The price is very small, but the benefits more. The liver, kidneys, lungs – affected by it all. Can't drink it, immediately side effects, so it is better to buy something more expensive, but without harm to health."

"Paracetamol works well and is cheap. He takes the temperature and removes the pain, so I always drink it when cold, when it began a fever and head ache – there is nothing better. Sometimes we drink it from the usual headache – if nothing serious, everything passes quickly."

"I see no reason to buy expensive analgesics and antipyretics, paracetamol when there. The only exception is for kids syrup, but in all other cases it is sufficient to drink the white tablet and everything goes. For colds with a headache, he generally does not replace."