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Persen from nerves and insomnia

The Persians, like other similar sedative drugs of mild effect, created on the basis of vegetative raw materials. Its sedative effect is achieved by inclusion in the medication of herbal extracts of rhizomes of Valerian, peppermint and Melissa from the ratio of 2:1:1. 100 mg of the drugs (one standard tablet).

Despite the fact that first Person is a sedative, it helps with headaches and dizziness that arise from stress pain and tension. In addition, it helps with spasms of cerebral vessels, as it has a relaxing effect.

This preparation is ideal for soothing aches and dizziness, which occurred because of fatigue, because in addition to facilitate the General condition it has a sedative effect after taking the pills or capsules the patient drowsy and he can have a good rest.

Persen also valuable in the sense that it enhances the effect of painkillers — if the main drugs many side effects, it is possible to reduce the dosage and additionally take the Persians, then the effect will be the same, and any damage to the body is much less.

In addition to these extracts, one dark brown pill there are various types of microcellulose, magnesium, calcium, varieties of glycerin and povidone, and talc, sucrose and the dyes.

The red-brown of a slightly modified capsule: extracts of Valerian, two types of mint in the proportion of 5:1:1, which greatly enhances the final effect, and additional substances in Persen Forte has gelatin ( capsule shell).

How it works

The drug Persen available in the form of convex tablets and capsules, the second have a more powerful effect. Created based on plant extracts, it acts as a sedative and antispasmodic, while not unduly inhibiting the reaction of the patient. Due to this combination of substances, to identify exactly how a particular component in the product and how quickly it is excreted from the body is impossible, however, it is possible to judge on the application of the extracts separately as antispasmodics peppermint, and Valerian and both types of mint as a sedative.

Adults Persen give 2-3 tablets or 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day. The appointment with insomnia is to take an hour before bedtime. While children from three to 12 years can prescribe pills, the dose is calculated individually, depending on the prescribing physician and the patient's weight. A much longer course of treatment may last no longer than two months.

Very carefully should be able to take soothing along with other similar drugs and ambien, analgesics, as well as possibly unpredictable amplification of effects of drugs onthe Central nervous system. The doctor selects the least "conflict" medicine and harmoniously reduces dose.

Side effects and contraindications

Still it is not known how dangerous it is for pregnant and lactating mothers from taking this drug so prescribed and used with care and only in cases where apparent benefit to the mother far more than a danger to the child.

As a side (not dangerous to health) actions are the allergic reactions caused by components of the drug. Another side effect – constipation – occurs with a long reception of Persona explains the benefits of plant extracts and additional substances in the drug.

You can not take tablets and capsules to individuals who have

Indications for use

Among the indications of this sedative usually mention insomnia, irritability and increased nervous irritability, mild neuroses, vegetative-vascular dystonia. But since the Persians without prescription, patients often prescribe it as a prevention of stress and instead of antidepressants.

Remedy relieves anxiety, improves mood and is valid even when the patient is already something overexcited, tense, excited.

It can be used for eliminating more powerful and hard to health soothing as it is effective, but has a mild effect after discontinuation of the syndrome does not occur. The softness of sedation is such that he can't even be an obstacle to driving.

Price category

Sedative Persen is in the range of 200-300 rubles per pack of 40 tablets, a similar number of capsules will cost more than 400 rubles.


"This is never said, but Persona is just one terrible side effect – he completely beats the potency for the entire course of treatment. Should drink one tablet and all the desire as a hand shoots. Despite the fact that the manufacturer assures the "softness" effect, the body calms down, because it's like any change, just for a while to interrupt the course. I don't know about women, but in men this is a very common problem because of Persona."

"It is unfortunate that so far doctors can not solve, you can nursing mothers to drink this medicine or not. One doctor says that you and appoint the dose, another says it is impossible, as the medicine will get into the milk and child is harmful. And the phrase in the statement that the appointment is a priority to the mother over the child – it's all nonsense, not such a priority set. But it turns out that the sedative is to drink quite impossible?"

"The best drug onany other exciting events in the dream not much tends, to have fun don't interfere, and behind the wheel. Important with other medicines does not interfere, then everything will be okay. But if you drink several pills almost instantly fall asleep and sleep without dreams. But I can't always understand how many pills equals one capsule? After all sedatives do not want to eat handfuls, and even two tablets on the potency is much weaker than one capsule."