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Triptan — drugs for migraine: tablets, price, drugs containing triptan

Triptan is a drug designed specifically to combat attacks

How do triptan?

Usually if you experience a migraine attack a person begins to take analgesics of varying strength and wait until the ripping pain will go away. However, because of the fact that the pain medication was taken after the attack, its effect is blunt and short. Of course, there are painkillers like


Like all powerful drugs, triptan are a number of contraindications, which in any case can not be broken. First of all you will need to consult with your treating physician who not only writes a prescription but tells in detail about how to take the drug and what to do in case if you don't like it.

During ischemia, angina pectoris and arrhythmia, and other diseases of the heart and blood vessels, to apply triptan is absolutely contraindicated. The same can be said about acute liver and renal failure, and pregnancy and lactation.

Should not take triptan if you take antiviral or antifungal drugs and if you take antidepressants.

How to take triptone?

If you experience migraine attack need to take aspirin, washing it down with strong tea or coffee. If in forty minutes-not hours the condition has not improved, it is necessary to take triptan. If you are sure that the usual analgesics will not bring relief, triptan can be taken immediately after the attack.

In half of the cases, the pain may return in a day, however, her character will not be so pronounced. To avoid this effect, two hours after the first dose of the drug must be taken the second. However, in any case do not exceed the maximum daily dose, it can cause side effects.

The most effective and fast drugs are triptan in the form of sprays. But even if such a benign type of medication not to exceed total use of spray ten times per month.

Possible side effects

Triptana not cause any serious allergic reactions and side effects, but overdose can cause nausea and heartburn, drowsiness and General weakness. Also recorded cases of dizziness and palpitations.


"For me it was a real salvation! Not helped, no amount of expensive painkillers half an hour later, the pain returned with renewed vigor and to endure it was simply impossible. My doctor advised me triptan, the pharmacy was only Relpax, so the low price I was very surprised. However, the effect of the drug exceeded all expectations: paindisappeared, came back the next day, but very weak, so she managed to get rid of the usual dipyrone. If you, like me, tried all means from migraines and have not found a way to get rid of pain, be sure to ask the doctor about triptan."

"No matter how much I tried triptan, so no I did not help. Relieves pain, but only slightly, in the same way as simple analgesics. It may, of course, it's just not my drug. So if one or two of the drug from triptanov not help, do not try to find something of their own- only the money to spend. Better the old way – analgesics."

"Buy Sumatriptan by prescription. Thought of the pain it will not help nothing, but, fortunately, it turned out that it is not. If you have a migraine – do not try to "treated" with analgin, better get that doctors recommend."