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Have vazobral migraine

Have vasobral is a complex drug that was created to improve blood circulation in the vessels of the brain. During clinical studies of the drug was proved its good efficiency in the prevention of a migraine, so I Vazobral migraine is used quite often.

Part medications include:

  • dihydroergocryptine (alpha-blocker),
  • caffeine.

Vazobral was produced in two dosage forms: tablets and solution for internal ingestion. Tablets can be found in 2 versions dosages:

  • 2 mg dihydroergocryptine and 20 mg caffeine
  • 4 mg dihydroergocryptine and 40 mg of caffeine.

One is a cardboard box 1 or 3 blisters of 10 pieces.

The solution is available in one dosage in vials of 50 ml. 1 milliliter contains 1 mg dihydroergocryptine and 10 mg of caffeine. In the package you can find a convenient pipette for dispensing, which can collect 2 ml of solution.

The manufacturer has Vazobrala is a French pharmaceutical company CHIESI S. A.

Mechanism of action

Dihydroergocryptine is a blocker of adrenergic receptors of smooth muscle cells of blood vessels. This substance also activates the serotonin and dopamine receptors, reduces platelet aggregation, and erythrocyte cells, reduces the throughput of the membranes of the blood capillaries, increases the area capable vessels. Because of this drug action improves blood flow to the nervous tissue, poluciaetsea resistance of nervous cells to hypoxia.

Caffeine has a stimulating effect. It increases intellectual and physical human performance, reduces symptoms of fatigue and sleepiness, possesses stimulating effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory centers.

In connection with these effects combined preparation has Vazobral shows good results in complex therapy of asthenic disorders, cerebrovascular disorders, with residual effects of cerebral circulation, diseases of the inner ear, Meniere's disease, disorders of peripheral blood circulation, mental exhaustion and loss of memory.

Also Vazobral migraine widely used in between attacks and helps prevent new migraine pain. Usually for this purpose, the drug is prescribed in patients with frequent attacks (2 or more times during the month).


Vazobral have shown under such pathological conditions and diseases:

  • warning episodes

    How to take Vazobral

    Preventive treatment Vazobrala is only possible with frequent and painful migraine episodes. The choice of dose, frequency and duration of reception determines the physician only, leavingthe individual patient and the form of disease, related symptoms and pathologies.

    Recommended plan for the prevention of migraine: ½ - 1 tablet (4/40 mg) or 2-4 ml of the solution twice a day. The therapeutic course is 3-4 months of continuous intake, and then determined the need to continue or cancel the medication.

    The medicine is best taken with meals, washed down with a small amount of liquid. The solution can be pre-diluted with 5-10 ml water.

    For the relief of the attack take 1 tablet (4/40 mg) or 4 ml solution. At the same time, the earlier treatment is started, the better the result. After the first dose, if it does not work, the following can be taken only after 2 hours, and only half 0.5 tablets (2/20 mg) or 2 ml of solution. Daily dose should not exceed 10 milligrams dihydroergocryptine.

    Side effects and contraindications

    Vazobral was forbidden to use in the following cases:

    • hypersensitivity to the main component of the preparation or additional substances pills solution;
    • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
    • children up to age 18 years.

    In the treatment Vazobrala may experience the following side effects:

    • violation of falling asleep;
    • Reception during pregnancy and lactation

      There is no data on how the reception was Vazobrala effect on the fetus and pregnancy, and the drug is contraindicated in pregnancy until proven otherwise. If there is a need for the appointment this step should only be qualified after assessment of the ratio benefit/risk for the mother and child.

      Treatment Vazobral nursing mothers leads to a decrease in the formation of breast milk. Because the drug is not recommended for the purpose of this category of patients. In addition, there is evidence that whether the drug enters breast milk and the effect on the child.

      Overdose symptoms

      Symptoms of overdose can occur if you exceed the maximum recommended dose (10 mg dihydroergocryptine). In such cases, patients complain of General weakness, low blood pressure, insomnia, palpitations, abdominal pain, nausea, dizziness and headache. Treatment is only symptomatic, specific antidote therapy does not exist.


      You need to carefully monitor the patient's condition, which are treated Vazobrala, while taking the following medications:

      • antihypertensives (there is a risk of hypotension and even fainting);
      • hypnotics and sedatives (decreased effect of the latter due to the presence of caffeine in Vasobral);
      • anti-Parkinsonian drugs, particularly levodopa (increases the risk of such side effects,as abdominal pain, edema, fever, cephalgia, disturbance of consciousness).

      Price, reviews and conditions of supply of pharmacies

      The average price of the package Vazobrala (30 tablets) is 950 rubles, a solution of 50 milliliters can be purchased for 550 rubles. The drug should be stored in cool and dry conditions inaccessible to children. The shelf life of pills is 4 years from the date of issue and solution for internal admission – 3 years. After the specified time to use the drug is strictly prohibited.

      Vazobral was included in the group of potent drugs, so the vacation from pharmacies is only available on prescription.

      Video transmission about the treatment of migraine:

      Reviews about Vazobrala:

      “I had a migraine. The attacks were not always very frequently – 2-5 times a year. But after pregnancy and child birth, they began to torture me very often (2-3 times a month). Sorry, had to give up feeding the baby the breast as often had to take various pain medications that are not compatible with breastfeeding. Unable to withstand such a situation, I turned for help to an experienced neurologist. The doctor said that the seizures I frequent and some pills for pain I can't do it, you need to take preventive treatment. The specialist prescribed me a drug has Vazobral 1 tablet 2 times a day. The first month there were no changes. I already wanted to quit these drugs, since they are not cheap, but noticed, that attack hasn't been for two weeks. The reception I went and have not regretted. The next 3 months I had only 2 migraine attacks and it is not very strong. Have vasobral the doctor prescribed me for 6 months, then will need to take a break. I hope that the pain will not return.”

      “After long and painful wanderings on doctors and the whole chain of surveys my symptoms identified in the diagnosis of vegetative-vascular dystonia with frequent sympathoadrenal crises. As explained by the therapist, it's not that scary, but my health says otherwise. The doctor prescribed me a drug Vazobral one pill twice a day. After two weeks of taking high blood pressure returned to normal, stopped fainting and headache, I as if anew was born. Take Vazobral for 3 months and very grateful to the doctor for the advice.”

      “I worked as a neurologist for 15 years. Since then, as in the sale appeared Vazobral, he is not bad has proven itself in my practice. Prescribe medicine mostly older patients with signs of vascular brain lesions. Well eliminates dizziness, headaches, noise and ringing in the ears, which significantly reduce the quality of life of such people. Recently began to use has Vazobral and for the prevention of migraine attacks in youngwomen. So far the results are encouraging.”