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Point headache

Many people suffer from episodic or chronic headache, which can be both primary and one of the symptoms of certain diseases. We've learned that a headache is throbbing, ill-wishes, crushes, lasts a few minutes, hours or even days. This pain does not cause us much suspicion and, as a rule, is removed by a tablet of analgesic. But that's what it means when a headache at one point? Moreover, often in this place we can specifically point the finger. There is not a lot of reasons for this phenomenon, which will be discussed below, as well as about whether or not to fear, if you from time to time concerned point headache.

What it is, point headache?

In most cases, point headache has certain typical characteristics:

  • sharply occurs among full well-being and catches the man off guard;
  • lasts from 1 to few seconds (typically less than 3);
  • it is very intense, forcing the patient to harden in the position in which it was at the time the pain;
  • wakes people up at night;
  • has a strictly limited (point) localization;
  • can occur at any region of the head, but often it is the eye, temporal and frontal lobes of the brain, in the region of the mastoid process of the temporal bone of the skull;
  • the pain may be migratory, and may occur in one and the same point;
  • most often these are isolated cases, but sometimes the point of a headache recurs regularly.

It should be noted that this is a fairly rare form of headache. According to the statistics of similar pain are experiencing no more than 2% of the world population. And, as a rule, the pain of this kind poses no threat to life or human health, if it is not a remake of the pain, such as migraine headaches or beam.

Primary stabbing headache

It is this kind of headaches and I suspect if you have a headache at one point. This condition made by the specialists of the International Association for the study of headache in the group of primary headaches, that is, this pathology is considered a separate nosological form, such as migraine or tension-type headache, beam pain. It also means that the cause of primary stabbing headache is not installed.

Diagnostic criteria

  1. Headache, which the patient perceives as a single stab or a series.
  2. Pain is most often localized to the area of innervation of 1 branches of the trigeminal nerve (



    Cluster headaches

    Traced some connection between point a headache and histamine (synonyms: Chertanovskaya, beam,clustered). According to statistics, 40% of patients who suffer beam headache-prone pricking of primary cephalgia. Moreover, these types of headaches can go from one to the other and Vice versa.

    Jordanovska headache is a very rare pathological condition, which occurs in less than 1% of the adult population. This is a very , coming, attacks, always with unilateral localization, and the patient of the head never changes. Affects mostly men (about 90%).

    Histamine pain can torture a person for weeks or months. After that usually comes a long period of remission (months or years).

    The symptoms and criteria for diagnosis

    • pain on one side that never changes;
    • is localized in the region of the temporal blood vessel that can some patients be point headaches;
    • during the attack, the artery is very sensitive, sometimes swollen and throbbing;
    • most often, the attack happens during the day when histamine pain occurs at night, it wakes a person (and starts about 1 hour after the person went to sleep);
    • lasts a few minutes, sometimes up to hours;
    • accompanied by typical symptoms – the pupil of the eye on side of pain narrows her eye sizetofit, and the lower eyelid droops, the eye reddens;
    • the mucous membrane of the nose swells, nasal breathing Otradnaya, there are abundant mucous discharge from the nose.

    The clinical picture of cluster headache is so typical that does not require any additional research, but as a confirmation of the diagnosis, you can conduct histamine test.

    Histamine test: in a syringe for carrying out the Mantoux test gain histamine in the amount of 0.04 mg and injected a quarter of the dose. Then wait for 3 minutes. If the headache does not appear, then gradually introduce the amount that is left. Histamine test is positive only in the case of typical unilateral headache is as diffuse pain after administration is considered a physiological phenomenon.


    Treatment chertanovskoe cephalgia is divided into 2 phases:

    1. Relief of acute attack.
    2. Prevention of the emergence of the next.

    Video transmission about the headache:

    To eliminate an acute attack of pain histamine used intravenous triptans, dihydroergotamine, oxygen therapy with 100% oxygen, intranasal lidocaine.

    To prevent attacks usedglucocorticoid hormones, verapamil, gabapentin, valproic acid, lithium carbonate, topiramate. You also need to avoid factors that provoke cluster headache, for example, drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, medications that expand the brain blood vessels.

    In severe cases, resort to surgical treatment – radiofrequency ablation (destruction) of the node of the trigeminal nerve, the great occipital nerve stimulators and vagus nerve, the posterior part of the hypothalamus.