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Acupressure for headache and migraine, the acupuncture points

It often happens that the headache catches the man off guard and not given any pain medication. What to do in this case? How to eliminate the pain and continue their activity? This will help point massage major acupuncture points of the body.

The treatment of various diseases, including headache, by massaging the reflex points originated over 5 thousand years ago in the Ancient East and still actively used.

It must be said that acupressure for headache refers to the techniques of acupuncture, which are officially recognized by traditional medicine. Thus, massage of biologically active points and reflex is not something mysterious, and officially recognized and effective method of pain relief.

How does acupressure

Today, there are over 750 of biologically active points on the human body, but actively used not more than 150 of them. Acupressure is a variation of acupuncture, as acupuncture effects on reflex points cold, heat, ultrasound, magnetic field, electric current, infrared and laser radiation.

But based on acupressure (the so-called acupressure) is the impact point of the massage movements of the fingers. The use of acupressure in practice does not require special education and training like acupuncture or special equipment as other methods of reflexology. Therefore is available to everyone. To do this, just remember which acupuncture points and to master the easy technique their massage. But even if you don't know the localization of the reflex points, then it's not a problem. After all, you can find the characteristic features which we consider below.

The mechanism of action of acupressure is still not been studied in details, but, according to scientific knowledge, it can be represented as follows. Acupressure is a very complex process, beginning with activation of baroreceptors, exteroanterocone and proprioceptors in the thickness of the skin area, which accounts for the pressure and in the underlying muscles, ligaments, and bones.

As a result of such mechanical stimulation is formed by a nerve impulse that carries information to the thalamus of the brain, and from there to the cortex where it formed a response to irritation. In the case of massage points for headache – it is a reduction and disappearance.

How to find reflex points

In appearance the acupuncture points are not distinguishable from the rest of the skin, but they can be easily detected by certain landmarks on the body creases, protrusions, depressions), as well as the characteristic features. The area of biologically active points changes independing on the condition of the person, for example, if a person sleeps, the diameter of dots does not exceed 1 millimeter, and during wakefulness is increased to 1 cm, the temperature at this area of the skin somewhat increased in comparison with the rest of the surface. If we consider this point under magnification, it is possible to detect a large concentration of nerve cells.

With pressure on the reflex point a person experiences different sensations of the individual character, including:

  • pain local or

    The technique of acupressure

    There is another common name of acupressure, Shiatsu (Shi – fingers, ATSU — pressure). Massage is very simple:

    • at the desired point, press one or more fingers;
    • the movement is a pillow of distal phalanx of index, middle and sometimes large fingers;
    • the fingers should be perpendicular to the surface of the skin;
    • after installing the game you need to perform them in a circular motion while simultaneously pressing the finger from the skin is not torn off, the criterion of correctness of massage is the movement of the skin points together with your finger;
    • at first the pressure should be minimal with gradual increase;
    • the intensity of the rotating movements of your finger should correspond to approximately two turns per second;
    • to increase the effectiveness of massage, circular pressure can be alternated with a simple (non-rpm) for five seconds and a vibration, tapping, pinching and stroking;
    • the exposure duration for each dot is one minute;
    • the massage is performed in the sitting position;
    • symmetric points are subject to a simultaneous massage with two hands, asymmetric are massaged separately.

    It is important to remember! Massaging should gently and not roughly, so that after manual exposure was left with bruises, scratches, abrasions. Otherwise, instead of getting rid of headache can trigger a migraine attack.

    Acupuncture points for headaches

    As already mentioned, there are many reflex points, including for getting rid of headaches. In practice, the most often used massage 19 points on the head, limbs and torso, which we describe below.

    Points on the head

    • the first point (symmetric) is in the temple (temporal fossa);
    • the second point (symmetric) is right on top of eyebrows in the region of its outer edge;
    • the third point (symmetric) is located at the outer corner of the eye, it cannot be massaged in a circular motion with the displacement of the skin, only slightly to pressure;
    • the fourth point (asymmetric), it is stillcalled the third eye, is located between the internal cuts of the eyebrow to the bridge of the nose;
    • the fifth point (symmetric) it can be easy to feel, it is located anterior to the auricle above the tragus of the ear (in the recess);
    • the sixth point of the (symmetric) localized in the dimple between the nose and the inner corner of the eye, actively massaging is also prohibited;
    • the seventh point (symmetric) located on the scalp in the region of the temporal bone above the upper edge of the auricle.

    Points on the upper extremities

    • the eighth point (symmetric) is located between the first and second Metacarpals of the hand for massaging, the hand is placed on a hard surface and in turn affect one upper limb, then the second;
    • the ninth point of the (symmetric) localized in the depression between the ulna and radius bones of the forearm, three fingers above the transverse carpal crease, affect the point in turn;
    • the tenth point (symmetric) – to find it, you need to bend the arm at the elbow, resulting in a fold – point will be at the inner end of the folds, massaging them alternately.

    Points on the lower limbs

    • the eleventh point (symmetric) is located on the rear side of the foot on two of the cross-section of the finger between the first and second finger;
    • the twelfth point (symmetric) is located on the second toe approximately two millimeters above the nail plate;
    • the thirteenth point (symmetric) can be found between the fourth finger and little finger on one transversal finger;
    • the fourteenth point (symmetric) located on the big toe for three mm above the nail, closer to the second finger, not the middle;
    • the fifteenth point (symmetric) is located on the outer edge of the little finger in the hole between the finger and the metatarsals;
    • the sixteenth point (symmetric) it is located on the inner edge of the foot at the highest point of the arch of the foot in a small hole;
    • the seventeenth point (symmetric) can be found at one cm above the inner bone of the lower leg.

    Points on the body

    • the eighteenth point (asymmetric) localized on the anterior abdominal wall two inches below the umbilical ring, affect the point in lying position and with relaxed abdominal muscles;
    • the nineteenth point (asymmetric) is also provided on the front surface of the abdomen at the midline in the epigastric the recess under the xiphoid process.

    Video how to perform acupressure head headache:

    Making a conclusion it must be emphasized that acupressure is an effective remedy href="http://headache.vsebolezni.com/bol/migren-prichiny-i-lechenie.html">migraine and other primary headaches. If acupressure does not help you, then either you have not correctly found the point and have not mastered the technique of massage or a headache is a secondary character and her resolve to get rid of the causal pathology.