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Head shoots. Shooting cranially. Modern possibilities of correcting

You will hardly find at least one person who is not familiar with such a problem, like a headache. It may be the most diverse nature, different localization and duration, accompanied by other distressing symptoms. Particular caution causes headache, which appears suddenly and is very intense. One of these is shooting cranially.

Often people are very afraid of what head shoots. Some are even afraid to move or breathe as to not cause any new cross. What is the cause of the symptom and how to deal with such a headache?

The nature of shooting cranially

First we need to clarify that shooting cranially, but it is so in medicine is called this type of headache, never an independent state. This is always one of the symptoms of the underlying disease that causes the backache.

Shooting head pain is of neurogenic nature and is caused by abnormal impulses along the nerve fibers. The nerve impulse may radiate to, as to its origin (the lower part of the brain where it starts to almost all of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves) and to the periphery, where the final branches of the damaged nerve fibers.

Thus, the shooting pain has its own strict direction that can be clearly defined by the patient, which is associated with the pathological circulation of the nerve impulse along the nerve. If the unit impulses, the pain is determined by the patient in a single shot, but if the sensory input becomes frequent, the patient feels a few consecutive shots, which take on the character similar to ripple.

Depending on someone, what part of the head innervates nerve damage, and determine the localization of radiating cranially. For example, in neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve (the most common cause of lumbago in the head), the pain will spread in the direction of the damaged nerve branches – the frontal area, eye area or upper jaw.

Which nerve is affected, depends on the sense of depth of the pain. For example, in neuralgia of the occipital nerve shooting pain extends from the back of the neck on the skin of the head and is determined by the patients surface pain and inflammation of the vestibulocochlear nerve, which innervates the inner ear, nerve impulses go back and lumbago is felt deep in the head.

A characteristic feature of the shooting of cranially is the presence of trigger zones and points, stimulation of which leads to a new cross.

For example, in trigeminal neuralgia, the mouth opening can cause pain. Similar points exist in lesions of other nerves./>

Possible causes shooting head pain

Why do you experience the described pathological impulses? The reasons of their origin and circulation several. Often it is an inflammation of infectious or non-infectious nature, caused by compression of the nerve fibers surrounding tissues, mechanical damage (rupture, shock, sprain), degenerative disease of myelin sheath of the nerve (demyelinating disease), inflammation of the tissue close to the passage of the nerve.

Causes of shooting cranially presented in the form of a table.

The mechanism of the pain A pathological condition
Organic pathology of the peripheral nerve
  • Trigeminal neuralgia;
  • Inflammation of the glossopharyngeal nerve;
  • Compression of these fibers tumors, their mechanical damage;
  • Post-traumatic neuralgia;
  • Toxic damage of nerve fibers – chemical poisoning, chronic alcoholism;
  • Polyneuropathy in diabetes.
The cervicogenic cranially Occurs when pathology of the cervical spine – osteochondrosis, spondylosis, herniated disc, when nerve fibers are compressed by osteophytes.
Diseases of the eye, nose, ear (infection and inflammatory simple) In this case, the corresponding inflamed nerve that causes cranially.
The pathological processes which occur close to the nerve
  • Systemic vasculitis – temporal arteritis may be the cause of shooting pains in the temples;
  • Inflammation of the maxillo-temporal joint;
  • Purulent lesion of facial bones (osteomyelitis);
  • Tumors of the brain and other sites in the head and some other tumors, for example,

    Characteristics of the clinical picture

    Despite the cause of lumbago in my head and its localization, all patients karakteriziraju this type of headache as a sudden backache which lasts only fractions of seconds or a few seconds. Always head shoots on one side only, never at the same time crosses from both sides. Cross can be both single and plural. Sometimes patients can specify what provokes pain, eg, chewing, and sometimes no connection to catch the fails. Localization of a cross depends on which nerve is damaged.

    Video transmission that hides headache

    The most frequent causes of

    Consider nosological forms of diseases that are caused by the sweep of craniallymore than 70% of cases.

    Trigeminal neuralgia

    It is, as a rule, pathology, prone to chronicity, and manifested an intense and

    Modern possibilities of correcting sweep of cranially

    It is important to remember that self-treatment with radiating pain in the head is unacceptable. It is imperative to seek specialized medical help to the doctor-the neurologist, as the causes of such pain can disappear in a very dangerous state, to prevent which the doctor will prescribe an MRI or CT scan of the brain.

    Treatment of sweep cranially will be successful only if the true cause of the pain. In this case, treatment of the underlying disease can save you from a shot in the head.

    As a rule, ordinary medication for a headache in this case is not suitable, because the cause of the pain is quite different, and when to drink them, if the pain lasts a few seconds and it is not clear when he will return again. Therefore our only option is a full medical examination with obligatory consultation of the neurologist, vertebrologist, ENT doctor.

    Video transmission on trigeminal neuralgia:

    Principles of treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

    To eliminate the pain in this disease use the drug carbamazepine, which refers to a group of anticonvulsant drugs. Dose of carbamazepine is chosen individually in each case, its effect lasts for about 4-5 hours, the treatment continues to decrease the aggravation of the neuralgia.

    In complex conservative treatment using various physical therapy procedures, regional blockade with anesthetics and aminopyrine, b vitamins and a tonic.

    If medication does not bring the desired result, conduct surgical correction of neuralgia. During surgery, destroys the nerve root by radio waves or by various toxic substances, also performed decompression if nerve is a pressure.

    Principles of treatment of otitis media

    Mandatory use of anti-inflammatory and antibiotic therapy depending on the type and form of the pathogen. Parallel conduct sanitation of chronic foci of infection, anaesthetic therapy, immunomodulatory and restorative treatment. In some cases it is necessary to resort to surgery – incision of the tympanic membrane for the elimination of the middle ear cavity of pus.

    Principles of treatment of cervicogenic cranially

    Treatment of cervicogenic cranially primarily aimed at eliminating pain and muscle spasm of the neck. The program treatment includes medical therapy (NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, analgesics,chondroprotectors, vitamins) and non-pharmacological correction (physiotherapy, medical gymnastics, massage, chiropractic, osteopathy, reflexology). The operation is performed only in extreme cases when the herniation of the cervical compresses the spinal cord.

    Given all of the above, it is possible to make one very important conclusion – to treat the shooting cranially must immediately after its occurrence. In this case, the success of the therapy and the treatment itself is not too long and dangerous.