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A burning sensation in the head

Burning in the head are not uncommon. The most common causes of vegetative – vascular dystonia, an unhealthy lifestyle or

Causes and diagnosis of a burning sensation

"Zapekanie" the top of the head or neck, large areas of head and spine known as their causes. Often these feelings are elderly, but young people have not been insured.

  • Cervical osteochondrosis – a curvature of the spine affects the nervous and vascular system, because of what sometimes there is a burning sensation. It is pointless to fight the symptoms, you first need to cure the main disease for getting rid of discomfort;
  • Fatigue – blood flow is impeded due to the poor performance of the vessels as a result of constant fatigue and inability to relax. As a consequence heaviness in the head, burning, pain. To confirm the diagnosis and to cope with the unpleasant sensations, you need to do an MRI, to refer to a neurologist and reflexologist;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle – Smoking, stress, alcohol intoxication, together with a sedentary lifestyle create a situation where the vessels simply did not do their job, but because of the complicated current of blood, it accumulates in the head and causes a burning sensation;
  • Hormone imbalances – improper contraceptives, menopause, disorders of the thyroid gland lead to epileptic women. This requires removing the EEG to confirm the diagnosis;
  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia is a breach in the vascular and nervous systems are the perfect ground for all kinds of violations, causing painful and discomfort, including a burning sensation;
  • Burning from allergies and from working vessels

    Itching and burning caused by dermatitis allergies, are radically different from the burning sensation and pain that was provoked by the poor performance of brain vessels (due to hormones, tone, pinching and so on).

    In the first case, namely itchy scalp – this can occur due to eating fruits and vegetables containing allergens or the use of poor quality cosmetics (shampoos, paints, varnishes and mousses). Externally the dermatitis is manifested by redness of scalp, rashes, dandruff. In the second the burning sensation is localized under the skin, like directly in the head, does not manifest itself outwardly and can be very intense. From the accompanying symptoms include


    Of course, that every probable cause of the disease needs to be considered with the utmost seriousness and, in accordance with an established diagnosis treatment.

    Cervical osteochondrosis is one of the most serious reasons. His treatment is rather long and takes a comprehensive approach to the problem, including not onlymedication, but also various, including non-traditional ways to relax neck muscles, which cause burning. Sometimes you need help of an osteopath, or doctor of acupuncture.

    Treatment of folk remedies

    Most often, the therapies proposed to treat like with like, in this case, apply heat to the painful areas. This measure is not always good and should be used with caution. This is justified in the case when the cause of the burning sensation definitely is cervical osteochondrosis, but in this case it is necessary not to heat the head and cervical spine. It is also recommended not to overdo it with "grandmother's recipes" and do not hurt yourself, for example, leaving the neck burn from excessive heating.

    Speaking of warming up – you can do this simply wrapped in a woolen shawl or making a hot compress with boiled potatoes or leaves of horseradish. However, medical capsicum plaster, or the good old yellow card will cope not worse. The most courageous patients can try rubbing the tincture the radish and honey to alcohol. By the way, many pharmacies sold ozokerite or mineral wax, which also make an effective warm up.

    To stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, you need to lean on natural vitamins, which are very abundant in the natural juices – celery, carrot, pomegranate. There are more extreme recipes – for example, a decoction scrolled in a meat grinder lemon and garlic infused in the refrigerator and consumed on an empty stomach. If these culinary delights are not inspired, you can turn to traditional vitamins from the pharmacy.


    To burning again, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment with a drug that you need to drink 20 – 30 days every six months (usually a sedative). The rest should reconsider your lifestyle: spend more time in the air, not to forget Hiking, don't slouch and try to maintain an erect posture, eat healthy balanced meals, always to consult to receive contraceptives with his a leading physician, to sleep well, to do something both relaxing and invigorating sport: fitness or yoga, Pilates, qigong or Wushu, kalanetika. Quit Smoking and drinking alcohol is ideal, but if the patient has a weak will, though, try to gradually reduce the dose received harmful substances.

    Also very useful is to undergo treatment at the psychotherapist, to learn the art of speed calming in stressful situations with the correct breathing. Acupuncture and massage make for a pleasant and effective measures to combat the burning sensation.