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Dizziness during pregnancy

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Pregnant or not

For starters, if the pregnancy itself is questionable, you should not rely only on feeling bad. Early pregnancy is not necessarily accompanied by dizziness, and a test strip might fail. Best check visit to the gynecologist and a blood test. So if you feel unwell, even if the birth of a child is a welcome and expected, be sure to consult with your doctor. In the early stages of pregnancy there are many symptoms that can be quite a sign of anticipated joy, and diseases of internal organs. For example you need not go far – edematous legs not signal the birth of a child after a while, and renal failure.

However, many expectant mothers, in contrast, is strict attention, relate to their own discomfort, as required. Unfortunately, the media culture has created an image of a pregnant woman, constantly suffering from morning sickness and discomfort that may be completely wrong, being in such a delicate state of deep individually. In addition, even if yourself expectant mother women traditionally carry the pregnancy hard, it's not a reason to accept and tolerate, but rather to show special attention to yourself and to consult a doctor even with a slight discomfort.

The causes of dizziness in pregnant women

Instead of a painted TV image of sickness of the mother should expect an unusual, but not too unpleasant condition. For early pregnancy it is not typical even a healthy woman may not notice any discomfort. Dizziness at the same time – or become more noticeable reaction to the usual operation, or a signal about the deterioration of the body. Most often it is caused by fairly obvious things, stuffiness, tobacco smoke, overheating, sudden change of body position in space. If this is a natural symptom of a very worried woman, or should prevent it from occurring, or to work with the consequences.

Changes in blood pressure

Too extended or narrowed blood vessels of the brain pose a risk for blood clots plus reducing the access of oxygen due to stagnation of blood. Therefore, pregnant should pay attention to your doctor on the vascular tone of the brain, especially if she has the relevant disease.

If before pregnancy a woman often rocked the transport, she lost balance when making sudden movements or were sensitive to weather changes, and during pregnancy, these problems will not go away and will only get worse.

Constant low blood pressure is a direct cause of the dizziness. Even if theyit was always so – this is not normal, the woman need to go to the doctor to straighten it. For those who are afraid of during pregnancy to use pharmaceuticals, doctors recommend the use of stimulants of plant – based extracts and tinctures ginseng, radiograms pink and Rhaponticum.

"Bad" blood composition

If a person is sick with anemia or poorly/irregularly eats, his blood sugar level drops. As a result, the body is not getting the nutrients he needs to double volume and, as a consequence, the future mother of vertigo.

To avoid this, be sure to do a blood test and discuss with your doctor your diet, if necessary to drink a course of vitamins. The fasting of a pregnant woman is contraindicated, but to overeat is not necessary – it is best to plan your diet so that there are 4-5 times a day if I want to, and at night, but in small portions.

Don't forget about exercise – a pregnant woman's life should be a place for physical activity. Even if the expectant mother never played sports, you should pay attention if not for yoga and fitness, at least for a walk in the fresh air. Of course, it is impossible to overwork – excessive exercise can lead not only to easy discomfort and even pain and threatened miscarriage.

Serious diseases causing dizziness

Unfortunately, frequent and

How to deal with dizziness and fainting during pregnancy

Some pregnant women never before falling into a swoon, for the first time to experience these not-too-pleasant feeling in the preliminary 9 months of motherhood. There is nothing too terrible, but if the head really is spinning, hands are cold, ringing in the ears, and the eyes dark, it is better to immediately sit down, and it is better to lie down and rest. Hands can be rubbed, it is also necessary to provide fresh air to fainting often happen in the heat.

To cope with the discomfort, do not panic, but to take yourself in hand and ensure the horizontal position of the body, and it is better if the head is below the feet. Because emotional calm expectant mothers sometimes is not easy, it should ask for help from a loved one or just others.

To avoid unpleasant symptoms, enough not to make too sudden movements and try not to be too long in the sweltering heat, to eat regularly, to be on the air, to do sports.