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How to get rid of dizziness

Dizziness can be constant or episodic, true or false. Most people tend to call the dizziness of their condition when they have dark eyes and getting hot, not when things really seemed to be floating around. Causes for dizziness and a great multitude against each has his own special ways of dealing. Here are some of them.


When he suddenly became ill at home, at work, on the street, in public transport – in the first place to stop and sit, head bowed between his knees, and it is better to lie down. No need to try to stay on his feet, it is better to stain clothing than to faint. If within a few minutes the nausea passes, reach out for help.

As one of the most common causes unpleasant sensations, called by the inhabitants dizziness is dehydration, when such discomfort is to drink water. Physical activity contributes to dehydration, so with you to exercise or walk should usually take a bottle of drinking water. Should not to choose sugary drinks – they only increase thirst.

A full day of work, almost a sleepless night and poor diet together be sure to give vertigo in the most unwanted time. So it pays to bring some snacks – chocolate or fruit will be the perfect option.

When a person experiences true vertigo – ie, he feels that the objects around him are rotating, he should focus his eyes on a certain point, a small object or any well visible details. This will help the vestibular system to start to work properly.

Panic and anxiety can also cause discomfort. To get rid of them, you have to breathe a full breast.

Any bright light source can cause increased dizziness, so in this condition should stay away from them. It's not just about the sun and light bulbs, but the screens of electronic gadgets.

Particular way is, from the giddy intoxication and hangover – when the "storm", you need to grab onto any solid surface, it will help to balance and recover.

Tips for every day

If one notices for a periodic dizziness, you should pay attention to your daily routine. To get rid of unpleasant symptoms just to be consistent.

For example, sudden movements, even a completely healthy person can cause dizziness. So you need to make some movements more smoothly is to stand up, turn around, climb the stairs. It is particularly important to slowly get out of bed.

Another reason is dehydration. We talked about it a littlebefore but regular dehydration can cause serious harm. To normalize

Dizziness – what to do?

If discomfort with darkening of the eyes,

Traditional recipes from vertigo

One of the best folk remedies from discomfort is ginger. In effectiveness it is better than many drugs, but its pungency can become an obstacle for people with allergies. You can use it in pills and special vitamins and in the form of decoction, tea, ale, sweets and marinades.

Not too pleasant to the taste, but very healthy celery will also help to cope with dizziness. It can braise, boil, fry, and drink freshly squeezed juice, although it is better to mix it with any other vegetable juice for better taste.

Divorced with honey and hot water and Apple cider vinegar will ease the dizzy spell, but drinking this cocktail will have a regular, three times a day.

Do not forget about vitamins – are prone to dizziness, people are encouraged fruits and vitamin complexes with iron.