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Sudden dizziness

Sudden dizziness can happen in anyone and at any time – is to make a sudden movement to get up after a long rest or just to sneeze. However, it is not real vertigo in the medical sense of the word, but only the "false" feeling a brief feeling of falling through somewhere, "emptiness" in the head, darkening of the eyes, cold and so on. In fact, these feelings the doctors called orthostatic collapse, it is not dangerous and is caused only by a sharp outflow of blood from the brain. "True dizziness is called vertigo – a sensation of rotation or about moving the body in space, acceleration at the time when the body is at rest.

To deal with the sudden dizziness that occur infrequently, can be quite simple, since it causes reduction of hemoglobin in the blood, lowering

"About" vertigo

There are many symptoms that we relate to the dizziness, but which have no relationship to him: