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Weakness in body and dizziness

Weakness in body and dizziness in one way or another feel from time to time to all people. Typically, these symptoms are transient, appear after physical or intellectual fatigue and completely disappear after rest. But there are also cases when these symptoms become chronic and do not leave the person even after a long rest. What is the cause and how to get rid of this painful condition, we will analyze in this article.

When weakness is the norm?

Despite the fact that the weakness in body and dizziness are the most frequent complaint of patients on the doctor, in most cases, these symptoms are not associated with any disease but are the consequence of physical or mental exhaustion.

A feeling of weakness, of malaise and dizziness often catch people at the end of the working day and on the way home. But it is necessary to cross the threshold of own apartment, to have dinner, relax a bit (usually enough for 10-40 minutes) and all the fatigue goes away. In some cases, you may want to stay all night.

The weakness and dizziness is the norm at the stage of recovery from various diseases, especially infectious. The duration of asthenic syndrome depends on the type of disease and individual capacity of the organism to recover, lasts usually up to 2 weeks. If a painful condition persists longer than the specified time, you should contact a doctor for advice.

Who most often suffers from dizziness and weakness?

There are portions of the population who, because of their anatomical and physiological characteristics are more prone to feeling of weakness and dizziness. It is not correct to assume that these complaints occur only in women, men are also affected by this phenomenon.

Populations, who often complain of weakness and dizziness:

  • teenagers are at the stage of puberty;
  • the period of menstruation in women;
  • menopause;
  • pregnant women;
  • people who are prone to

    Causes of dizziness and weakness in the body

    Causes of dizziness and weakness, there are many, diagnosis is complicated and misinterpretation by patients of their experiences – some confuse these symptoms with other similar sensations. Below we will consider only those States that are simultaneously accompanied by weakness and dizziness.

    Chronic sleep deprivation

    To get the body renewed its strength and rested from the hard work of the day, he needs 7-8 hours a night. If not, gradually, the body will draw all of its backup capabilities, which will certainly affect the health condition. Also causedizziness and weakness can dream, which exceeds the norm (more than 10 hours per day).

    Chronic stressful situation

    Stress is a normal physiological response of your body to the current external situation, which is a potential threat. There are stress hormones (epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol) which prepare the body for " fight or flight. Symptoms are high blood pressure, the heart rate, breathing, and mental processes. All this requires a lot of energy.

    If organism lives in conditions of chronic stress, over time, all energy reserves are exhausted, which leads to the disruption of adaptation and various pathological conditions, one of which is chronic fatigue syndrome. Its most frequent signs is the weakness throughout the body, dizziness and headache.

    Iron deficiency anemia

    This type of anemia is the most common, although anemia of any kind can cause the patient complaint of weakness. By reducing iron in the body decreases the amount of hemoglobin in red blood cells, which leads to the development of a common

    How to eliminate dizziness and weakness in the body

    To effectively deal with the dizziness and General weakness can only setting it true cause that is not easy to do. Really serious etiology is one case out of 10. This means that the attention of the physician must be provided to all patients who complain of chronic weakness, and dizziness.

    If the root cause of the pathological symptoms revealed, then proceed to its immediate treatment, but if there is no objective reasons, a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome and correct it the next available conservative methods:

    • a balanced diet that will ensure the replenishment of energy reserves of the body;
    • normalization of sleep;
    • rational distribution of mode of work and rest;
    • avoidance of chronic stress and develop stress resistance.
    • obstensibly regular exercises;
    • control ;
    • rational treatment and compliance with bed rest at the diseases;
    • restorative and symptomatic therapy.

    Video transmission about the dizziness:

    Also in the complex treatment can include techniques such as reflexology, acupuncture, massages and physiotherapy. If you follow all the rules of healthy lifestyle, then surely you will never have to look for causes of dizziness and weakness in the body.