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Headache after stroke: causes and treatments

Unfortunately, none of the disease does not pass unnoticed to us. Some time thereafter the body will recover, trying to get back to normal, fully functional state. Of course, the periods of rehabilitation for different diseases are different: after a cold we can up and running in a week or two, but after a stroke it is necessary to observe a mode and to recover for a very long time — some for the return to normal takes years.

During rehabilitation can occur is not always a pleasant feeling. Some warning signs, such as constant weakness, or headache. The last symptom that occurs in the majority of patients who have had a stroke. Someone subjected to “attacks” of pain suddenly, after some period of time, someone

Who is at risk?

Unfortunately, doctors have not advanced in the study of this question as far as we would like. No one can with 100% certainty say what exactly was the cause of the headache. The General situation is that your blood vessels do not work properly, causing to the brain not receiving sufficient oxygen. It is not fatal, but part of your brain shuts down and the remaining trigger the reflexive process of telling your body that something is wrong. Here is a small list of people who are at risk:

  1. Women. Let now inappropriate jokes about the eternal pain in the head is a statistically proven fact. The structure of the vessels, a common physiology and many other reasons make women more vulnerable to headaches after a stroke.
  2. Young people. It would seem that they should be stronger and tougher, but statistics show that young people most often starts headache after a migraine.
  3. People previously suffering from

    Why after a stroke headache?

    Earlier we listed groups of people are at risk, but a predisposition is not everything. Must be some external factors over which the headache begins. Here is a list of the most popular reasons:


    Imagine: your brain is still not fully retreated from the shock, and you have the full download of his new experiences, trying as soon as possible to return the exhausted body in his usual mode... This load can not sustain everyone. In addition to the load during rehabilitation can afford to state depression, and fear not to recover completely — believe me, if you were able to cope with this condition, then you are lucky, because not all patients turns out to be distracted from gloomy thoughts. In any case, if the cause of headache — stress, it turns out with the help of special tests neuropsychiatriccharacter.

    Not to withdraw into themselves after an attack. As often as possible talking with friends, plan return to normal life after rehabilitation. Let everyone know that you are not ready to just give up, and most importantly — try to believe in it yourself.

    Important: do not bear pain: it is better to take prescribed sedatives, after not having any problems, than give a useful drug in the beginning and suffer from headaches the rest of my life.


    There are situations in which innocuous drugs can cause headaches after a stroke. Dipyramidal or chimes in the composition can lead to such side effects. The main thing — not to abandon the treatment, and to report headaches to your doctor. He will have to find other antiplatelet agents acting as effectively, but not giving a similar effect.


    It's not a myth, but a scientifically proven fact — some people are much more responsive to sudden fluctuations of pressure and temperature. Unfortunately, medicine in the long term, there are absolutely powerless. The maximum that can be done to reduce pain with the help of specially appointed agents.

    Clamping the muscles of the neck

    If you are not very comfortable was in the hospital during the attack, you could cause a gripping of muscles in the cervical spine. It usually relieves important blood vessels that go to the brain, and this, as we have seen, the first step is to disable parts of the brain and a headache as a symptom. To solve this problem: just like the special therapeutic massage (not in the salon, and to the masseur prescribed by a doctor). Also, do not throw

    Diagnosis of headaches after instult

    Of course, just like a doctor diagnosis you will not put: for a start, you'll need to pass a set of examinations that will determine what exactly your problem is and how best to solve it. This complex can include different tests and examinations. Here is a list of the most commonly prescribed:

    1. General blood analysis, to study the effect of blood sugar levels headaches


    Medicinal treatments

    After all surveys have been completed and the test results are received and parsed, the doctor can get objective clinical picture, which will appoint to you treatment. Most often, in the first place, doctors will prescribe non-steroidal analgesics for relief of dizziness and pain. You certainly do not just drink these pills: banal , paracetamol, or ketorol. Belongs to the same advertised andMovalis.

    Statistics based on the mass of studies has shown that nothing relieves pain better than paracetamol. However, abuse they should not — it is harmful for the liver, and too frequent use can lead to fairly serious issues with this body.

    If the positive effects after taking the drugs does not appear, you will prescribe stronger medications from the category of antidepressants (usually, this Fluoxetine or something similar to it) or anticonvulsive drugs (such as Finlepsin order to relieve you from the constant dizziness). Remember, you must not start taking these drugs yourself: only a doctor can assign and determine your specific dosage.

    Drugs can be addictive — eventually you'll feel a positive effect. If this happens, an urgent need to change to another drug, similar in action.

    The auxiliary drugs

    Don't forget about the various technical AIDS such as vitamins E and K. this group gets ascorutin and omega-3 acids with folic acid. The last two components are very abundant in normal marine fish, so buy additional drugs will have no need.

    About ancillary drugs should be discussed separately. Many people just forget about them, believing that they play no role in the treatment. It is not so: those pills that you drink can trigger your body's processes, which, over time, he will feel the lack of a substance (e.g., vitamin E). To replenish the expended, you should listen to the advice of a doctor, including to the choice of food and additional supplements even if you don't see in his words a special meaning. If you want, just specify why you appointed a particular drug — usually such questions are answered in sufficient detail and understandable.

    As you can see, if you have a headache after a stroke, it's not the end of the world. You can continue to fight, and, eventually, severe headache, keep you from sleep at night, will come to naught and you will be able to return to normal, fully recovered during recovery. Important: to carry out all the doctor's orders (starting with selected for you products to conduct therapeutic exercises), not to worry and to enlist the support of loved ones — to survive the difficult period much easier.