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Stroke and alcohol

For years under active debate about the benefits and harms of alcohol for a man and his health. Every year there are new scientific data on this, both positive and negative. Yes, indeed it is scientifically proven that alcoholic beverages have a positive effect on the human body and its blood vessels. But there is one condition – the use of alcohol should be minimal. Unfortunately, few manage to stick to the specified dose. But this leads not to health, and in its complete destruction and the development of a large number of pathologies, including stroke, cerebral.

Alcohol as a cause of stroke

If we turn to statistics, and as you know that science can't lie, it can be easily seen that the risk of stroke as ischemic and hemorrhagic people systematically abuse alcohol or those who drank too much, but not every day, much higher than that of people leading a sober lifestyle. And indeed it is. The link between alcohol abuse and the development of acute disorders of cerebral circulation exists, as proven in numerous clinical trials. Stroke risk drinking is 4 times higher than people who do not drink alcohol.

Among the main mechanisms that contribute to the development of stroke under the influence of alcohol include:

  • During the reception of alcohol drinks increases

    In some cases, alcohol is good for the body

    But what about the latest scientific clinical studies, the authors argue that alcohol consumption is not only safe for humans but also useful? If to refer to such scientific experiments, it is possible to find a pattern in each, a positive effect is observed only in the case, the dose of alcohol is within the physiological. It is no more than 30 grams of pure alcohol, if you make the conversion in of popular alcoholic drinks, we get:

    • 1 small glass of vodka or cognac;
    • 1 standard glass of red wine;
    • a small (0.33 l) bottle of light beer.

    This portion is designed for one day, no more. A week is allowed to eat 7 servings of alcohol physiological. Only in this case the alcohol will show their positive qualities and will not influence negatively on the organism.

    The most acceptable form of alcoholic drink is red wine from good grapes. It has the maximum protective effect is not only about stroke but also other cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction.

    The protective effect is associated with the ability of minimal doses of ethanol and other nutrients, such as antioxidants, which most inred natural wine to increase the body's number of lipoproteidov high density, which is also called “good cholesterol”. These substances carry excess cholesterol from sites of deposition in peripheral tissues, e.g. blood vessels, to the liver for processing. Therefore, the high-density lipoproteins reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood and promote regression of existing atherosclerotic plaques.

    Another mechanism of the protective effect of alcohol on stroke and heart attacks is to reduce the ability of platelets to aggregate (stick together), reduction in the blood protein fibrinogen, which is the basis for building thrombus. All this contributes to razzhizhzhenie blood and prevents blood clots in the brain and heart.

    According to scientists, quality spirits at the indicated doses can be used not only for healthy people with the primary prevention of stroke, but also to those who have suffered a stroke and underwent a period of rehabilitation to prevent recurrent stroke.

    Naturally, to consume alcohol in the acute period of the disease, as well as on the stage of rehabilitation is strictly prohibited. You should also consider the combination of alcohol with medicines, which a person after a stroke takes regularly.

    Unfortunately, not all patients can use moderate mode of alcohol intake, especially hard for those who to the disease abused alcohol. Because most doctors recommend complete abstinence from alcohol after a stroke throughout later life.

    When drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited

    So, when you can drink alcohol and in what quantities we already have. Now consider a situation when drinking alcohol you should not. We are talking about minimal physiological doses, because the excess is prohibited in any case, even in healthy people.

    Absolute contraindications are not so much:

    • the acute phase of stroke, all stages of reconstruction, which lasted from six months to a year;
    • if a person continues to take medication incompatible with alcohol;
    • if the patient in the past had problems with alcohol;
    • if the person does not feel in himself the strength of will to adhere to the specified mode and dosage.

    Video transmission about the benefits and dangers of alcohol:

    Thus, the effect of alcohol on health is ambiguous and the line between these is very thin. The main problem is not in the most alcoholic beverages, but in their numbers. Keeping this in mind, it is possible not only to treat yourself to a good glass of wine, but also to strengthen health.