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Folk remedies from a stroke

Stroke treatment is a very difficult task. To eliminate the effects of vascular catastrophe, at times, impossible, and people may remain disabled for the rest of his life. A very important measure in the treatment of stroke is

Treatment of stroke with pine cones

Why pine cones are on the first place among all the many recipes of traditional medicine from a stroke?

Young pine cones are used in the treatment of various ailments since ancient times. Our ancestors successfully used this storehouse of useful substances to combat diseases such as scurvy, phthisis, lesions of the joints, colds, bowel disease. Recently pine cones are widely used by all healers to treat patients recovering from stroke.

It is important to remember! Therapy in the rehabilitation period must be integrated. In any case can not abandon other methods of recovery. Success can be achieved only through an integrated approach.

In the young pine cones you find the following useful and medicinal substances:

  • the body needs vitamins and minerals;
  • unique bioflavonoids;
  • a variety of useful essential oils;
  • tanning substances;
  • alkaloids;
  • volatile.

Results of rehabilitation treatment with pine cones so positive that this fact has received even the attention of the American scientists who conducted about this whole clinical study. So they have determined that the major therapeutic effect of pine cones depends on the unique substances-tannins, which are in their composition. They are able to stop dying and to activate the restoration of nerve cells in the brain.

When to collect and how to store pine cones

To get the most effective medicine of pine cones from a stroke, you need to collect them at the end of August – beginning of September. At this time of the year, the plant stores all the essential for the treatment of a substance in maximum concentrations. The important point is that when collecting the cones, the tree was not damaged by pests.

Keep the bumps to a well-ventilated rooms with a humidity of 10%. The shelf life is 1.5 year. If you save the raw material is longer then all the nutrients from the cones disappear.

Alcohol tincture of pine cones

For this medication you will need:

  • 5-7 pine cones collected in August-November;
  • 250 ml of 70% rubbing alcohol;
  • teaspoon Apple cider vinegar (preferably home-made).

In order to prepare a tincture, you need to pour pine cones (pre-washed) with alcohol and leave to infuse for 10 days at room temperature.Then strain the mixture and add the Apple cider vinegar. All. Tincture is ready. It is necessary to store in a sealed container out of the refrigerator. For treatment of consequences of stroke make a pine tincture need a teaspoon a day, adding it as a balm in tea. The course of treatment is six months.

Contraindications to treatment with pine cones

It is forbidden to drink alcohol pine tincture to patients with the following conditions:

  • kidney disease, particularly stage of chronic kidney failure;
  • acute inflammation of the liver tissue;
  • with caution in people after 75 years;
  • hypersensitivity or Allergy to components of tincture.

Video about the method of treatment of stroke with pine cones:

Medicinal plants from a stroke

Herbal medicine is actively used in medicine since ancient times, including for the treatment of stroke. Mostly with healing herbs prepare herbal teas and infusions. You can apply as an individual plant or entire herbal.

The most effective herbs in the treatment of stroke:

  • psyllium;
  • yarrow;
  • St. John's wort;
  • calendula;
  • walnut;
  • the celandine;
  • juniper;
  • zheltushnik gray.

The decoction is prepared as follows. The required number of medicinal plants pour cold water and put on fire. After boiling the potion needs to boil for 5-10 minutes on low heat. After cooling, the decoction is ready for consumption.

The infusion is prepared as follows. The right plant is poured with boiling water and covered with a lid (to boil not necessary). Insist from 1 to 5 hours. Then the infusion is ready to use.

It should be noted that, as a decoction and infusion cannot long be stored. For the treatment every day need to do a new drug.

Citrus in the treatment of stroke

This popular recipe calls for mince two of lemon and orange along with the zest (preferably bone extract). Add two tablespoons of honey. Make it a tasty medicine to 2 teaspoons 30 minutes of Breakfast once a day for one month. After a break of two weeks treatment course can be repeated.

Eggs from a stroke

For this recipe from a stroke you need to buy fresh chicken eggs (this is important condition). The number should correspond to the volume of 3-liter jars, which they should be placed. Then fill them to the brim of fresh lemon juice.

The Bank needs to keep in the fridge up until the egg is completely dissolved (the capacity must be periodically shaken). Then add to the mix 500 g of honey and 500 ml of 70% alcohol. Then the mixture needs to stand in the fridge every 10 days. All. The drug was ready touse.

You can even eat a tablespoon twice a day for a long time (2-3 months). Preferably before meals.

Honey baths in the treatment of stroke

To do this, remedial measures need to fill the bath so that the water reached the region of the heart. The water temperature must not fluctuate beyond the limits of 37-38 degrees. In water, add 3 table spoon of natural honey. Take this curative bath need for 20-30 minutes, then it is impossible to wipe and rinse the body.

After the bath, preferably 40-60 minutes, and therefore it is preferable to make a bath at night. The course of treatment consists of 10 treatments every single day.

Video transmission about the popular recipes in the treatment of stroke:

It is important to remember! To seek treatment the popular methods to as early as possible, because the most active recovery occurs over the first 6 months after stroke. Until the end of the first year this process is completed. Because if there are no contraindications to one or another folk recipe, then you need to begin treatment as early as possible.