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Brain edema in stroke

Brain edema in stroke is very serious and in a few minutes. The consequences can lead to repeated stroke or death. Concern about the health of a person after a stroke could help save his life and avoid the harmful effects of cerebral edema.

Many people know what is stroke and much fear for their health and their loved ones. But not everyone is aware that after suffering a hemorrhage may occur swelling of the brain and its consequences are not less dangerous than the stroke. Will understand the order, what is brain swelling and that in this case you should do?

The causes of edema of the brain.

To understand what the swelling will help the most common example. Trauma to the hands or feet causes a rush of fluids to the injury site and resulting in swelling or visible manifestation of injury. And this is a natural phenomenon no more dangerous than the usual injury, because the property of tissue to stretch does not lead to disastrous consequences.

Almost same thing happens with the brain. But due to the fact that the brain is in a confined space, swelling it with adverse consequences. Tissue damage of the brain creates a void that our unique body fills with cerebrospinal fluid. Dying cells are replaced by the lymph, and accumulates fluid pressure on separate areas of the brain, damaging it even more. Swelling in the brain like any other organ, it expands and puts pressure on individual centres, reducing the flow of oxygen.

The reason for this state can be:

  • Head injury due to falling after suffering a stroke.
  • The injury paralyzed parts of the body.
  • Diseases associated with stroke:

    The symptoms of cerebral edema.

    Brain swelling visible to the naked eye. And if people who have had a stroke, unable to properly convey information to others, that it is at the moment concerned, it becomes even more difficult.

    First you need to understand that swelling may develop gradually or immediately. With the gradual development of edema, it is possible to slow down the process and prevent the irreversible processes in the brain, but momentary development can only fight for a person's life. What are the symptoms accompanying brain edema?

    The first and sometimes the main symptom is a

    What to do before the ambulance?

    First, lay the patient on the bed so that the head was raised, provide complete rest.

    Try to reduce

    Diagnosis and treatment of edema.

    Upon admission to the hospital be sure to tell your doctor about what symptoms are bothering you. Collecting history or the historydisease, the doctor can make a preliminary diagnosis.

    Then, a series of tests, among which are mandatory: the General analysis of blood

    Consequences of brain edema.

    Brain edema, which developed during a stroke, often leads to an increase in intracranial pressure and hypoxia. Such complications are irreversible. The patient may develop confusion, persistent problems with sleep, regular headaches, constant mood swings or deep depression.

    Local brain swelling often leads to partial or total paralysis. In this case, you need a good doctor reabilitolog that by working with your doctor can find the right exercises to restore motor functions. There are numerous cases when people after strokes and heavy conditions began to live a full life. Never give up in your circumstances, do your best.

    The most dangerous consequence of edema of the brain stem is the respiratory failure, poor blood circulation and as a consequence the appearance of convulsive conditions and epilepsy.

    Prevention of brain edema in stroke.

    To prevent recurrence of stroke and possible brain swelling is necessary to use medication methods and not medication.

    First, you need to get rid of bad habits: Smoking and alcohol consumption. They are able to trigger a repeated stroke.

    Second stroke lead accumulated in the body cholesterol, and the excretion of special diet.

    Eat vegetable oils except palm and coconut, and replace animal fats. Replace your favorite pastry with dried fruit or natural fruit desserts.

    Third, gradually increase physical activity. Start with physical therapy, massage and Hiking, depending on your state of health. Don't overdo it.

    Fourthly, excess weight, if present must be reset.

    To drug prevention methods include all medications prescribed by your doctor after the first stroke. Do not assume that if you feel better, then you can stop the meds it is very dangerous for health. You can drink a folk remedy, but only after consultation with your doctor.