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Paralysis of the left side in stroke

Among existing neurological disease of cerebral stroke is a serious medical and socioeconomic problem. According to statistical data annually in the world there are nearly 6 million cases of hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes. In addition to the high mortality in the acute period of the disease, stroke leads to disability of varying severity, up to complete loss of the patient's capacity and the need of constant assistance.

The most frequent consequence of a stroke of the brain are motor dysfunction of varying severity. The severity of these symptoms depends on localization of the pathological focus in the brain, its value, and also therapeutic and rehabilitation activities that were carried out of the sick person.

Video transmission on the stroke of the brain:

When there is paralysis of the left side of the body during the stroke

It is important to remember! Paralysis of the left side of the body when stroke occurs when the pathological process affects the right hemisphere of the human brain, and Vice versa. So arranged the most important, complex and mysterious organ in the human body.

The cerebral cortex is a kind of map, which is localized centers managing all possible functions in our body. Accordingly, the symptoms and consequences of stroke depend directly on the pathologic focus.

It is important to note that, despite the apparent symmetry of the hemispheres of the brain, most of the centers represented in only one hemisphere and not duplicated in the second, and some are symmetrical.

So, the center, which is responsible for the possibility of free movement, is precentral gyrus of the parietal lobe of the brain and is symmetric (the right hemisphere controls movement of left side of body and left – right). Moreover, in the upper part of this gyrus is the area that is responsible for movement of the foot, in the direction along and down the convolutions are localized the centres which are responsible for muscle in the calf, thigh, middle part of the gyrus controls the activity of muscles of trunk and upper limbs and the lower portion – of the facial muscles.

Given these features, it becomes clear why in some patients impaired activity of only one limb or individual muscle groups, and the other affects the whole half of the body. This is due to the area of the damaged precentral gyrus in stroke, the wider it is, the heavier the violation.

The signs of a stroke the right hemisphere of the brain

Everyone knows that sudden speech disorder in humans is the first sign of a stroke. Often this symptom makes a person urgentlyto seek medical help. But in the case of a stroke in the right hemisphere of the brain in such signs, because the speech center in most people is located in the left hemisphere. There are exceptions, especially people with a dominant right hemisphere of the brain (left-handed).

Despite this seemingly positive phenomenon, this fact leads to a delayed diagnosis of stroke, which greatly aggravates the prognosis of the disease.

All the signs of a stroke to the right cerebral hemisphere can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Cerebral signs. More pronounced in hemorrhagic stroke. It is primarily

    Other consequences

    In addition to paralysis in stroke in the right hemisphere of the brain can be observed and other symptoms, depending on the area of the cortex that is damaged. In the right hemisphere are the following centres:

    • intuition;
    • the center of perception and processing of nonverbal information;
    • orientation in space;
    • music center;
    • center of understanding is not the literal meaning of information, and its metaphorical value;
    • imagination;
    • emotional manifestations;
    • dreams and fantasies;
    • center multitasking (the ability to simultaneously process multiple jobs, activities, tasks);
    • the perception of the painting;
    • dance centre.

    Thus, all these functions can break when a stroke in the right hemisphere and the accompanying paralysis of the left side of the body.

    Treatment and restoration using left-sided paralysis

    It is important to remember! The prognosis of stroke patients with left-sided paralysis of the body depends on a timely start of specific therapy and extensive destruction of brain tissue.

    Treatment of left-sided paralysis starts with the basic and specific (depending on the type of stroke) events. Hospitalitynet patient in the intensive care unit and therapy aimed at supporting basic functions of life (respiration, circulation, to combat swelling of the brain).

    Ischemic stroke is carried out specific and tromboliticescoy anticoagulant therapy, in hemorrhagic stroke prescribe drugs, which, on the contrary, contribute to the formation of a thrombus and closure of the bleeding vessel. Running parallel to vasoactive drugs, neuroprotective, diuretic, metabolic means. All this makes it possible in the first hours after the incident to reduce the lesion in the brain and improve the prognosis of the disease.

    Recovery begins in the first days after stroke. It includes massage, manual therapy, physical therapy techniques, physical therapy, reflexology and medical support.

    Video transmission about the recoveryexercise after a stroke:

    It is important to note that the sooner a designated rehabilitation program, the best results are achieved. The possibilities of the human brain are limitless, which gives a chance to the patient with paralysis of the left side of his body after a stroke to resume all of impaired function and start a new full life.