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The first signs and symptoms of stroke in men and women

A stroke is a sudden blood circulation disorder in brain tissue. Allocate 2 main types:

Differences of stroke in women and men

There are a few differences in the reasons for the development and course of stroke among men and women:

  • the risk of cerebrovascular disease in men increases significantly by the age of 40, women is 55-60 years, as they are natural defenders – estrogens, but with the onset of menopause the risk of disease is equalized;
  • the risk of ischemic stroke is higher in women who take

    The harbingers of stroke

    Very rarely a stroke develops suddenly, without precursors, in most cases, it is possible to observe some symptoms long before the development of pathology. Consider the most basic of them:

    • dizziness;
    • headache;
    • Signs of stroke in women and men

      Signs of stroke in both sexes depend on the localization and size of the lesion in the brain and stroke. They do not differ among the genders.

      Symptoms of a stroke:

      • sudden and

        How to quickly diagnose stroke

        As has been said, the sooner the disease is recognized, the better the prognosis. There is a simple algorithm for diagnosis of stroke, which should be familiar to every man:

        1. You need to ask the patient to smile, in the case of stroke when the smile will not go up one corner of his mouth and the smile will be crooked.
        2. Invite the person to introduce yourself, give today's date and its location. Thus, you can check the level of consciousness, orientation in themselves and in the environment, and to identify speech disorders that often accompany stroke.
        3. Ask the person to slowly raise hands first, then legs. Often when you stroke the limb on the affected side does not move at all or the person raises it lower than on the healthy side of the body.
        4. Ask the person to stick out his tongue. In the case of stroke, the tip will deflect to the side (normally it should be symmetric).

        Important! In the case of the presence of at least one of the above symptoms should immediately call an ambulance, because it is very likely that in humans, acute violation of cerebral circulation.

        How to distinguish between a stroke or a migraine?

        Very often women have to make the differential diagnosis between migraine and ischemic stroke. In addition, may be complicated by the development of ischemic stroke, because it is very important to distinguish between these two States that do not miss the vascular disaster and not lose precious time.

        valign="top" width="245">Migraine
        Symptoms Stroke
        • may not be violated;
        • sometimes there is a different degree of violation (stunning, stupor, stupor, coma of varying depth).
        • it has never broken;
        • observed increase in sensitivity to external stimuli (sounds, light, smells).
        • sudden and sharp, the type of blow to the head;
        • often may be absent;
        • accompanied by dizziness, impaired balance and motor coordination.
        • intense, increases gradually;
        • is the main symptom of migraine;
        • accompanied by nausea, retching;
        • has pulsing character.
        Focal neurological symptoms
        • are always present and depend on the localization of the pathological focus in the brain (paralysis of specific muscle groups, sensory disorders, speech, rhenium, hearing, seizures, etc.)
        • for migraine focal symptoms are not typical;
        • an exception is the migraine with aura when passing focal symptoms before the headache and last for a few minutes.
        Autonomic disorders
        • increased sweating;
        • flushing of the skin of the face of the patient, especially when the pressure;
        • heartbeat;
        • tachypnea;
        • dry mouth.
        • not typical.

        Video about first aid for stroke:

        Thus, the stroke in women and men although it has some differences in the causes and mechanism of development, time of onset of peak incidence, during the period of rehabilitation, but not different at the first signs and symptoms further. Because the identification of the described violations testifies to the development of vascular catastrophe of the two sexes.