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The consequences of a brain hemorrhage in newborns

Having a baby is always associated with certain difficulties, which can be very unpredictable and sometimes even dangerous. As a result of childbirth an infant may suffer serious injury and damages, up to disruption of the nervous system. Reasons why such effects can be very different, and not always the treatment can give a positive result. However, the sooner will be revealed any violation of, the sooner start therapy, the greater the chance for restoration of normal body functions of your baby.

Causes of brain hemorrhage in the newborn

Any bleeding is a consequence of the rupture of blood vessels. It usually occurs due to damage to more fragile bones of the skull or hypoxia during the birth process – during oxygen starvation of the newborn.

The main reasons are:

  • Complications during pregnancy, mother's illness, which was transmitted to the fetus.
  • The complications that arise by reason of their swiftness or, on the contrary, the duration.
  • The birth of a baby to term or much later period.
  • The discrepancy between the size of a baby's head and generic.
  • Wrong intervention midwives.

All this may cause serious disorders in the brain and is one of the main causes of child mortality. Unfortunately, these factors no one is immune, however, timely action aid can save the life and health of the child.

Types and symptoms of intracranial hemorrhage

The types are divided on the basis of localization:

  • Epidural.

Arise in case of violation of the integrity of blood vessels, located between the skull and the brain and their cause is often damage to the bones of the cranial vault.

The symptoms of epidural bleeding:

  1. Mydriasis from hemorrhage.
  2. Treatment

    In most cases, if you have installed a serious risk to the life of a child and the bleeding occurs over a large area of the brain, carried out a series of measures to normalize blood flow and pressure equalization. In some cases doctors are forced to resort to surgical intervention for early prevention of disease.

    The prognosis of hemorrhages

    It all depends on the severity of the violations. If hemorrhage asymptomatic or observed light neurological disorders, unobjectionable, the prognosis is favorable. However, if bleeding occurs at the time of birth, and combined with traumatic injuries, the child may die. The surviving baby will be observed serious violations: cerebral palsy, developmental delay,


    Unfortunately, prophylactic measures to prevent injuries inchildbirth does not exist. The only thing possible in this case careful monitoring of the condition of the child in the first days after birth.