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Alcohol raises or lowers blood pressure?

Effects of alcohol on the human body is well known, and therefore the consumption of alcoholic beverages should be used with caution. Contrary to popular belief that alcohol can be an alternative to specialized drugs to restore normal pressure, it is not so. The fact that alcoholic beverages affects the pressure indirectly, and the effect of such "treatment", usually short-lived and futile.

The effect of alcohol on the pressure

The reception of alcohol drinks does not affect the pressure, but the combination of it with other factors can become decisive. Especially consider the fact that all people are individual and everyone's body responds to the intake of a drug in different ways. The same applies to alcohol.

Factors, in conjunction with which the alcohol affects the pressure:

  • Paul. Women get drunk faster, so the allowable dose of alcohol should be less.
  • Age. People younger than 25 and older than 50 is better not to abuse, since they are the most vulnerable to the adverse effects of alcohol consumption.
  • The condition of the body and circulatory system.
  • Place of work related stress.
  • Lifestyle and nutrition.
  • A certain medication.
  • Frequency of alcohol intake.
  • The susceptibility of the organism.

But just to say, increases alcohol, or lowers blood pressure, it is impossible. In most cases, it all depends on the stage of intoxication. For example, when consuming one glass of wine vessels dilate, their walls become more flexible, tone decreases, which leads to the fact that blood is required to overcome the resistance and thus decrease

Overdose alcohol

At higher permissible dose of the body, it begins to signal that it is time to stop. Usually occurs

Diseases caused by alcohol

Most alcoholics suffer from hypertension, which combined with the excess weight will only get worse. However, apart from this disease, there are a number of diseases that can occur as a result of frequent use of alcohol:

  • Stroke and heart attack.
  • Thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.
  • Epileptic seizures.
  • Delirium tremens.

In addition, alcohol in any dose causes toxicity, negatively affecting the overall human condition.

Alcohol as a preventive measure

You can't say that alcohol is definitely bad for health and greatly increases the pressure. For example, a couple of teaspoons of brandy to a Cup of tea or coffee will significantly reduce the pressure, as well as a glass of wine. But abuse of alcohol will lead to a substantial increase in pressure

Of course, good alcohol increases appetiteand very positively affects mood, helps to relax, especially after a hard day. But we should remember that excessive consumption not only harms the cardiovascular system, destroys brain cells and significantly corrupts the blood, but the beats throughout the body.

Doctors say that the permissible amount of alcohol should not exceed 40 grams per day, then we can talk about its obvious health benefits. And, of course, you need to give the body a regular break from alcohol.