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Tea lowers or increases the pressure?

Debate about how tea

Tea increases pressure

Due to its properties black tea rather quickly increases the pressure, and it is connected mainly with the large amount of caffeine, which in tea even more than coffee. Due to this, black tea stimulates brain cells, generously supplying them with oxygen and promotes rapid expansion of blood vessels, which allows almost instantly to raise the fallen blood pressure. Often, black tea is recommended to drink for people suffering from headaches caused by low blood pressure and those who suffer from constant sleepiness and fatigue.

In addition, black tea significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, due to the fact that it dilates the blood vessels.

Strong black tea with sugar causes the blood vessels of the brain to tone, and vitamin b, which in large doses is contained in tea leaves, helps to fight with other symptoms

Tea lowers blood pressure

Surprisingly, black tea really can reduce

The effect of tea on pressure

In General tea blood pressure – exercise is very controversial. The fact that large amounts of caffeine may have a negative impact on the weak vessels of the heart, and people suffering from such diseases, it is better to minimize the consumption of such beverages.

In General tea is a great way to lift the vitality, relieve drowsiness and fatigue. Strong black tea is able to quickly raise low blood pressure, and weak green to reduce it by a few percent.

In any case, excessively strong tea to your health cause damage, and too weak will not bring any pleasure. The main thing – to find a middle ground, and then every tea party will be not only pleasant but also useful.

Recipes different actions

It should, however, consider several factors:

Due to these facts, you will be able to draw the right conclusions and to find the tea that will fit your tastes and your health.