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Hibiscus raises or lowers blood pressure?

Hibiscus has several different, very common names. It is called the drink of the pharaohs, red tea, and tea of kings. Thus hibiscus tea is a drink and nothing to do with tea has in principle because it is brewed from the perianth hibiscus – tea rose, which is often kept at home as houseplants.

This flower is known for many useful properties: it perfectly quenches thirst, awakens the appetite and helps digestion. But that's not the main thing the main thing, like drinking hibiscus tea affects

The effect of hibiscus pressure

There is a widespread belief that cold drink of hibiscus helps to reduce the pressure, and hot, on the contrary, increase. However, laboratory studies have shown that it is not. The likely effect of the factor of self-hypnosis: people in Egypt drink hibiscus of different temperature, different pressure, and, most amazingly, it really helps.

In any case, the temperature of the tea does not play any significant role: in the stomach it gets warm, but self-hypnosis is quite capable to force the body to work as it should.

He hibiscus has pressure lowering effect and boost it's just not capable.

It was proven during the scientific experiment of the American scientists who conducted the study with volunteers. 65 people of different age groups suffering from

Hibiscus at high pressure

To get rid of high blood pressure, it is recommended to drink 1-2 cups of red tea a day. It normalizes the blood pressure, and digestion, and is great to cleanse the blood from harmful substances. However, drinking hibiscus is still better cold, or warm, temperature not above 40 degrees. In this case, the effect of tea will be expressed much brighter.

It is also worth noting that drinking hibiscus hypertension better regularly, taking breaks for 1-2 days once a month. This will help stabilize the pressure and to forget about its critical rise.

Hibiscus at low pressure

People suffering from low pressure, hibiscus is better not to drink at all. Of course, in some cases the opposite effect when the red tea, the pressure still increases, but this happens so rarely that a medicine is regarded as a special precedent. Drinking even one Cup of hibiscus can result in critical drop in pressure, deterioration of General condition, the weakening of the body, loss of consciousness and other unpleasant consequences.

Hypotensive therefore it is better to drink black or green tea and coffee. Hibiscus is more suited for hypertensive patients.


Hibiscus not to drink people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with the excesses of the gallbladder,people suffering from high acidity of the stomach, and peptic ulcer disease, even if it has a history. Hibiscus has a pronounced sour taste, but it contains substances dramatically enhances the acid environment of the stomach, which is fraught with aggravation of ulcerative diseases. The use of red tea people with the above disease, manifested symptoms of poisoning: vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and chills.

In addition, Oolong tea can cause allergies, so before you start to consume tea in large quantities, check with your doctor and hand over all necessary analyses.

As mentioned above, it is not recommended to use hibiscus people with low blood pressure.