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Cranberry raises or lowers blood pressure?

Cranberry is considered one of the most useful, the most healthful berries. Earlier cranberries were treated scurvy, shooting headache and reduced high temperature. In addition, it has been used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and inflammation and eliminate excess acidity.

Due to high content of flavonoids – special substances that not only help you to digest, so the body needs vitamin C, but also strengthen blood vessels, cranberry perfect for getting rid of the symptoms

Cranberry to reduce the pressure

Three years ago, American scientists conducted an experiment, which allowed volunteers, including people with normal blood pressure and hypertension or

How to store cranberries?

The fact is that improper storage berry deteriorates, it leaves the nutrients and essential vitamins. She loses not only healing properties but also taste. So to save both, cranberries, or frozen, or dried, or ground with sugar and the resulting jam put into the fridge. Berry in no event it is impossible to fill with hot water, as she quickly loses a large share of the vitamins and minerals. The optimum water temperature for cranberry – not more than 50 degrees.

Traditional recipes to reduce the pressure

Cranberry and honey

Take 50 grams of fresh cranberries, as many of honey, carefully grind or blend in a blender. The resulting mixture should be taken before each meal, about half an hour before meals. The course can last 8 weeks and then take a break for 3-4 months. Those who are allergic to honey, can replace the honey with sugar, but the sugar will need to reduce in half the amount of honey.

Cranberries and beets

Take about 100 grams of fresh cranberries and one medium beet. Run it through a juicer, the juice mix in the ratio 1:1. To taste, the juice can add a tablespoon of honey. Juice to drink while it is fresh. Take it usually a half hour before meals on an empty stomach. You can drink a glass of water.

The infusion of the leaves and berries of cranberries

Take 50-100 grams of cranberries and a few of its leaves. Put in a thermos and fill with warm water. Steep for 2-3 hours, occasionally shaking the flask. You can drink the infusion throughout the day, but preferably after a meal. As well in the infusion you can add a spoonful of honey, making it taste more pleasant.

Contraindications for the use of cranberry

You should refrain from this folk remedies for the treatment of hypertension, if you have an Allergy to this berry, or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. As cranberries are not recommended for pregnant women and nursingmothers.