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Coffee raises or lowers the pressure?

Coffee is one of the most widely used drinks, which drink around the world. The main component of the drink — caffeine is a natural stimulant found not only in coffee beans, but also nuts, berries and some leaves. Contains caffeine, even in tea leaves, so drinking tea can also affect

The effect of caffeine on the pressure

Taking into account the fact that caffeine is the strongest stimulant, it has an enormous impact on the Central nervous system, and the high concentration of caffeine in the drink can cause

Raises or lowers?

Amid all these effects that causes coffee consumption, experts have concluded that regular consumption of caffeinated products can lead to persistent high blood pressure.

However, recent research in this area has shown that this conclusion is not entirely accurate. The pressure increase in the use of caffeine occurs slowly in healthy people, and a little faster for those who suffer from hypertension and similar diseases. Moreover, the pressure increases slightly and not for long. Most surprisingly, coffee may lower the pressure. The results of the experiment conducted by Spanish scientists, 15% of people suffering from high blood pressure, intake of caffeine had caused its decline.

However, in most cases, taking coffee still has a small and transient effect on the increased pressure, especially in people with

Drinking coffee at high pressure

Drinking coffee in reasonable amounts without exceeding the dose to 300 mg (2-3 cups per day) does not bring anyone harm, even if the person suffers from high blood pressure.

Thus regular consumption of natural coffee is addictive. After a while caffeine ceases to have effect on the body whatsoever. The risk of developing hypertension in people who regularly drink coffee and those who do not drink coffee at all, absolutely identical.

So it is possible to make an unambiguous conclusion: coffee at high pressure are completely harmless, unless, of course, not exceed the normal dose. Therefore, hypertensive patients it is better to abandon espresso and similar drinks, and prefer coffee with milk or cream. This will keep the pressure steady and to enjoy their favorite flavor without fear for their own health.