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Cognac raises or lowers blood pressure?

In most countries of the CIS among all alcoholic beverages, which, according to popular opinion, is able to change

Cognac lowers blood pressure?

In small doses (40 – 70 ml per day) brandy pretty much lowers blood pressure and indeed it is. In the initial stages of the impact of alcohol on the body blood vessels expand, the blood does not have to speed up your current, what pressure is reduced. A small dose ensures the preservation of the pulse former, so it for the body – the undoubted benefits, of course, if the patient is not hypotensive.

Thus there is prevention of high levels of cholesterol in the blood and is a kind of training elasticity of blood vessels, which prevents

The minimum dose of cognac

Usually a small dose of any alcoholic beverages, which causes a decrease in pressure, called a volume from 30 to 70 ml. In practice, it's possible that 70 ml will have a serious dose, and 30 ml generally, a person will not feel anything. What does it depend?

Factors influencing susceptibility to alcohol:

  • Age is the most resistant to cognac Mature man (30-40 years), people younger or older than this age are more susceptible.
  • Weight – overweight people for intoxication need a larger dose than lean.
  • Height – tall, thin people are less exposed to drink than short and full.
  • Gender – women get drunk faster than men and are more prone to alcoholism.
  • Pregnancy alcohol pregnant and lactating women are strictly contraindicated, not only because of the damaging effects of alcohol on the brain and blood vessels, but because of rapidly changing blood pressure levels.
  • The presence of chronic diseases – the sick person should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages because of the stronger, or even unpredictable effect upon him.
  • The presence of harmful habits – vessels of smokers weak, but because they affects alcohol stronger; but for the abuse of alcohol beverages, the degree of alcohol exposure may explain habit – for the budding alcoholic, you may need a huge dose, and in the later stages it only takes one drink to greatly raise the pressure.
  • The level of physical activity engaged in physical culture more healthy and therefore more resistant to cognac.
  • Overall health – also there is a huge list of diseases and the individual characteristics of the organism from which the action contained in the cognac substances will be stronger or weaker.

So as everyone has their own. However, it is safe to say that even one standard drink "one hundred grams" — already exceeding the dosenecessary to reduce the pressure.

Brandy increases the pressure?

All that was consumed over the minimum dose (which everyone has), dramatically increases the pressure. Due to the spasm caused by alcohol, the blood vessels narrows and the pressure increases rapidly. For this reason, also can head ache, and to advance other unpleasant consequences of intoxication.

It is for this reason high blood pressure alcohol is prohibited to anyone who is able to calculate the necessary minimum and to adhere to this measure.

The influence of brandy

In addition to alcohol, brandy is tannin and tannins, which are highly correct for the effects of the drink on the body compared to other alcohol. Of course, this should not be an excuse of drinking this noble drink – its useful properties only work in super small doses.

By the way, in order to comply with this minimum and not to fall into temptation, doctors recommend not to use cognac in its pure form, and add it to other drinks like tea or coffee, pastry. So the impact will not be too strong even for the weak or the young organism.