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Smoking raises or lowers blood pressure?

Statements of Western scientists, Smoking is harmful to health. It adversely affects the blood vessels, lungs, skin and mucous, nails and tooth enamel. Smokers have a reduced immunity, serious increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. To say nothing about the blood pressure! But still, how Smoking affects the pressure of each individual – it enhances it or not?

The effect of Smoking on the body

Tobacco smoke consists of a huge number of components, most of which adversely affect the operation of the brain. In particular, they inhibit the secretion of some hormones and stimulate the production of other, disturbing the balance in the body. Exposure on the part of the brain responsible for the operation of vessels, stimulates alpha receptors of blood vessels, causing them to abruptly and strongly narrowed – there is a vasospasm. Because of this

Syndrome Smoking cessation

But those who are determined to stop Smoking completely or at least to reduce the number of cigarettes a day, may face problems with blood pressure. Most often it greatly increased – it works so-called withdrawal syndrome.

Chronic smoker needs the nicotine physically and psychologically. If in psychological terms it can be noted increased irritability and over-sensitivity, in physical vasospasm occurs without outside influence – the body "requires" a cigarette, reproducing the mechanism of its action, but without the intoxicants or the discomfort becomes too obvious for a human. If used high blood pressure he did not notice, but now this pressure jump is very sensitive.

Why is this happening? As mentioned earlier, cigarette smoke stimulates some receptors and suppresses others. Know the baroreceptors is responsible for the soft and gradual regulation of blood pressure in the blood vessels. Chronic smoker their activity is weak or very weak, so when you try to quit they will come back to normal immediately, and, therefore, blood pressure will "jump".

Misconceptions about Smoking

Smoking increases the pressure is always all – whether it's completely healthy, and inhaled the smoke once, or a chronic smoker, does not have time to replenish packs. No matter what when it is smoked: cigarette, cigar, cigarette, electronic cigarette, hookah – all this contains mnogokomponentnye smoke, having the same mechanism of action on the human body.

A particularly strong misconception exists concerning hookah and electronic cigarettes – how they can increase the pressure, if you smoke in the first case cleaned, and the second (not water vapor?

"Safe" hookah

Hookah smoke,despite the fact that it is passed through a liquid, still smoke, composed of many substances. It is created from the decay of the tobacco mixture, nicotine – hence the impact on the receptors all the same. If not worse, as when Smoking hookah smoke is inhaled much more.

A "harmless" cigarette

Electronic cigarette, despite the assurances of manufacturers, is also unsafe. Yes, it does not contain harmful tar, but the liquid refills contain the same nicotine, therefore, to speak about the use of "bogus" with steam yet.

So the only way to protect the health of their blood vessels is to stop Smoking anything.