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Encephalopathy mixed Genesis

Causes of encephalopathy mixed Genesis

Each of the listed reasons can cause damage to the brain tissue, but very often they are combined, causing the mixed form of the disease:

  • The symptoms of brain damage

    The mixed symptoms of encephalopathy are very diverse and depend on the cause, the presence of 2 or more negative factors of influence on the nervous tissue, the duration of the disease, its stage, the availability of adequate treatment and preventive measures.

    By the early signs of the disease are cognitive impairment. The man violated all of the intellectual functions of the brain, it's hard for him to concentrate and hold off on a certain task, suffering and thinking, decreased work speed. Patients complain of memory problems, constant fatigue, constant

    The stage of encephalopathy

    There are 3 stages mixed encephalopathy:

    1. Compensated. At this stage appear minimal cognitive impairment starts forgetfulness, headaches, emotional symptoms of encephalopathy – irritability, mood lability. If the disease is diagnosed at this time, the patient large the chances for the resumption of all disorders of the brain, of course, if you remove the cause of the destruction of brain tissue.
    2. Subcompencirovanna. All the symptoms are worse, impaired intellectual function and memory progress. Headache becomes constant, there is a strong

      How to establish the diagnosis

      Diagnosis of encephalopathy of the mixed complex, which includes details collected history, clarified the characteristic complaints, objective examination of patients. Obligatorily consult a neurologist and psychiatrist.

      Perform full range of laboratory studies of blood and urine. This allows you to identify the disease, which led to brain damage. Be sure to determine the lipid composition of blood cholesterol, blood sugar, biochemical analysis, liver function tests. If necessary, designate a toxicology study.

      Confirm the brain damage you can use:

      • computer and magnetic imaging;
      • reoentsefalografii and electroencephalography;
      • Doppler ultrasound of vessels of head and neck;
      • Principles of treatment

        The mixed treatment of encephalopathy depends on the cause of pathological changes, the degree of brain damage, the presence of comorbidities.

        Correction lifestyle

        This is probably one of the most important methods of treatment and prevention encephalopathy. This is especially true of vascular encephalopathy.

        Key recommendations:

        • to normalizethe body mass index;
        • adhere to a diet, limit consumption of saturated animal fats, simple carbohydrates;
        • limit consumption of salt;
        • to maintain the optimal motor mode;
        • quitting bad habits (alcohol, Smoking, drugs).


        Is assigned depending on the cause of pathology:

        • antihypertensive drugs;
        • antiatherosclerotic drugs;
        • diuretics;
        • vasodilator drugs;
        • neuroprotectors and metabolic substances;
        • b vitamins

        Non-drug therapy

        In the complex treatment of encephalopathy are used physiotherapy, medical gymnastics, manual therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, traditional recipes.

        Surgical treatment

        Mainly used in the vascular lesions of atherosclerotic plaques. Usually perform endovascular surgery, angioplasty, stenting them when restricted. This ensures optimum blood flow to the brain tissue and prevents the progression of encephalopathy.

        With regard to other causes of disorders of the brain, here surgical treatment is not applied.

        Forecast and consequences

        1 the first stage of the disease the prognosis is favorable if treatment is started in time. In the case of 2 and 3 stages of pathology has a progressive nature and leads to a progressive depression of cerebral function, disability and dementia.

        Because the detection of mixed encephalopathy must comply with all recommendations of the doctor regarding the treatment and correction of lifestyle.

        Video transmission about the treatment of vascular diseases of the brain:

        Encephalopathy mixed Genesis is a serious disease that requires long treatment and patience from the patient, ability to comply with all recommendations, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just so happens to achieve a positive result and improve their quality of life.