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How to improve the blood circulation of the brain?

Blood circulation is one of the most vital processes in our body. Thanks to him we get our food and breathing, as well as the release of harmful substances, thanks to him, a functioning system. Poor circulation leads to various disease that can lead to malfunction of the body, disability and death.

The population of our planet is aging inevitable – the development of medicine and improvement in standards of living have led to the fact that people are living longer and health to a new level. To take care of a rapidly aging world needs to ensure that every single person could for as long as possible to maintain their health and quality of life at the proper level. Unfortunately, the main cause of early mortality are diseases of the blood vessels of the brain or related to their body systems. The final "blow" health often deals

Causes of impaired circulation

Why do vessels cease to perform its function in the head мозге7

  • Constant stress negatively affects the cardiovascular system of the body.
  • Atherosclerosis (blockage with cholesterol plaques) appears due to excess of cholesterol.
  • Symptoms of circulatory disorders

    At first the symptoms are imperceptible to humans, but their progression causes first discomfort, then pain and pathologies. They cannot be taken lightly, but how do you know that the body is a violation of cerebral circulation?

    • Constant headache – regular relief of pain not only relieves the patient, but also can lead to the development of autonego syndrome headache due to the excessive regular intake of medicines.
    • Encephalopathy

      Normal brain functioning is ensured only through the continuous power obtained from the blood. Supply the brain four arteries, two carotid and vertebral. They are so wisely designed by nature that man, even with the disruption of three of them will complain just for the slight discomfort. This is not to say that it allows you to let the disease drift, not thinking about the consequences – headache, fatigue and loss of memory, regular dizziness should serve as a Wake-up call for seeking medical attention.

      Circulatory failure, chronic recognized, termed

      Drugs to improve circulation in the brain

      Those drugs that affect the function of metabolism in the nervous system, stimulate blood circulation of brain. They contribute to increased transmission of impulse along the nerve fibers, increase focus and memory, improved digestionglucose and reconstruction for various lesions of the brain.

      Most often doctors prescribe piracetam, however its application is limited to a maximum of 4 calendar months, as it has no side effects, in addition, it can not be used for women during pregnancy and feeding the baby's chest, and the babies.

      Another effective medicine, aminalon contains gamma-aminobutyric acid, which inhibits the processes of the Central nervous system, without disturbing (in contrast to piracetam). Aminalon prescribed if the patient has impaired speech and memory, hard fixed attention, there are complaints of headaches and dizziness, and after suffering Grammy brain or stroke.

      More improves cerebral blood circulation, improves concentration, mood and memory Phenotropil. However, this drug is a large list of contraindications, including arterial giardinia. Often accompanying encephalopathy, diseases of the liver and kidneys. It is forbidden to accept patients whose work requires high concentration (e.g., drivers), as this drug has a sedative effect.

      Another common remedy is pikamilon. It stimulates the circulation in the Central nervous system, restores, helps to fight fatigue. Most of his efficiency he is bound gamma-aminobutyric acid, which contributes to a more rapid action of the drug.

      Medication with the effect of anesthesia is also prevalent, for example, these include phenibut. It helps to combat mood swings and irritability, calms the patient and helps during training.

      Medicines with mild effect, can be mentioned glycine, it soothes and helps to fight depression. It is frequently recommended to students and pupils during exams, so as a side effect it improves memory.

      Among other medications to improve blood circulation, doctors usually mention pantogram, glutamic acid, gliatilin, monoplant, Actovegin, istenen and others. They are assigned in the case when a patient has problems with high blood pressure, head trauma, fatigue and vegetative-vascular dystonia.

      Also used various drugs based on plant alkaloids, for example, of an extract of periwinkle and Ginkgo biloba. Sometimes, to fight cholesterol, are assigned preparations, derivatives of nicotinic acid.

      Prevention of circulatory disorders

      It is logical to assume that a person who eats right and neglects physical exercise, the risk of dyscirculatory encephalopathy minimal. But what you need to do to improveblood circulation?

      Special attention should be paid to nutrition: the body requires vegetable oils, seafood, berries. Should not be disregarded bitter chocolate, nuts, seeds of different crops. Useful in small doses and coffee, and green tea, but the abuse can provoke a headache.

      A sauna, and a with a reasonable approach heals much, because the warming of the body, beneficial effect on blood circulation.